Already…here we are; August 1st is tomorrow folks!  School supplies are out on the shelves (we avoid that part of the store right now, we’re not ready), county fairs are in full swing, school open houses are getting ready to happen and, we’re all buzzing about the 2014, Minnesota State Fair!  I bet you can guess what we love most about the fair…yup, the food!  (Especially anything sweet–that is.  Though the cheese curds are always a favorite, too–they balance out all the sweets ;) )  While there are many new foods at the fair this year–we really love some of the traditional ones the most (though we’re really excited to try the Chicken in a Waffle :) ).  Here are a few recipes that you can try at home to get you into the fair-frame-of-mind.  (OR, if you’re not a fair-goer, these are perfect, as you never even have to leave the kitchen to give your taste buds a treat!)

Many of these sites have been found though our favorite board on Pinterest: Easy Candy Recipes.  (We’re constantly updating that board with fun, new, finds so check it out often.)

We have to say that we haven’t tried all of these…though, we wouldn’t share them if the recipe didn’t look ‘doable’ and if comments left under the recipe were negative.   So…give ’em a go and have some fun!  (And, let us know how they turn out either here, or over on our Facebook Page!)

Deep Fried Candy Bar

Cinnamon Roasted Nuts  (We have tried these and love them!)

Nut Roll (Like a Payday Candy Bar and could be easily dipped in chocolate, too!)

Cotton Candy (This recipe isn’t exactly for cotton candy because that can get really messy; but, instead, bite-sized, cotton candy, cream melts.)

Salt Water Taffy

Chocolate Covered Pretzels  (This is the easiest recipe, ever.  You can use white chocolate and/or sprinkle anything on them before they dry.)


If you have others to add, let us know!  We’d love to add it to our collection :)

In case you’re curious, you can find a list of new, 2014, MN State Fair Foods, here.

And, a list of all the good ‘ol, regulars, here!

AND, as always, feel free to contact us with your candy needs and/or questions.  We love to hear from you!


We’ll leave you with this photo…some of our newest candy in the store :)  (Yup…you’re seeing that correctly, we have ice cream available now, too.)