Well, here we are, smack dab in the middle of the Minnesota State Fair, less than a week from sending the kids back-to-school and at the verge of another Labor Day weekend.  (Holy cow, that came quick!)  Lots of shops are bringing in the fall stuff already…but, we’re happy with just a little more summer.  (At least for this week :) )   If you’re planning on a quick vacation this weekend, and are planning to do some driving–don’t forget to stop in to grab some candy for the kids (or, you)!  We think a jumbo, Whirly Pop, might do the trick for the kids!  And maybe some chocolate for you?  Or some licorice?  (We have energy drinks in the fridge, ready to go, too ;) )

Speaking of Whirly Pops…did you know that lollipops are one of the oldest candies out there?  Lollipop ‘roots’ have been traced back as far as ancient Egypt, China and Arabia and then to the Middle Ages, when the nobles would snack on treats made of boiled sugar on a stick.  (Hey!  We think that sounds like Rock Candy!)  The claim to who made the first lollipop in America isn’t exactly black and white though–there have been several stories over time.

Some say the lollipop has been around since the early 1800’s, other’s say since the Civil War.  Other’s contest that in 1905, lollipop’s were a happy accident which happened after the owner of the McAviney Company left a stirring stick in the kettle he had been stirring his hard candies in and when the candy hardened, it held the stick in place.  In 1908, a man named George Smith (talk about an original name ;) ), claimed to be the original inventor of the lollipop.  He wasn’t necessarily the inventor of it though; however, he WAS the one the trademarked the name ‘lollipop’, so, I guess that means, he wins?   (He took the name from the famed race horse, Lolly Pop.)   After the lollipop came about, soon machines to mass produce them by inserting the sticks into the candies were invented and lollipops were distributed to the masses.  Next came all the fun flavors, the pretty swirls, great shapes and the creative centers.

Ya know, regardless of whomever brought this treat to America I think we’ve all benefited at some point in time :)  (Also, just in case you’re thinking about this song now, for some unknown reason, here ya go.)