Hey December; welcome. We’re here, and we’re getting ready for all you have to offer us–crafts, snow, Christmas, candy, decorations, gifts, treats, smiles, and get-together’s–and, we’re getting excited! (Notice how we’re leaving out walking around like a penguin, frozen car doors, window scraping, 17 layers of clothing, runny noses, heating bills and weight gain…we’re just going to focus on the positive for this blog–we’ll let the rest of the internet complain about the rest. :) ) Anyway–we want to take this post to talk about the cool stuff the flower shop, right next door to us in Anoka, is up to this month. Other than the steady stream of flower delivery, Main Floral is hosting an art contest, AND having an open house! We wanted to share all the details of both of these things since they sounds really fun–and, anyone can participate!

Here’s the flyer they have up. Below that are details, straight from their blog…

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Favorite Christmas Memory

(We say Christmas because that’s what we happen to celebrate. We know that not everyone does and it’s our differences that make us really awesome! SO…if you don’t celebrate Christmas, show us your favorite memory of what YOU celebrate! Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, etc.; show us, we would LOVE to see!)


12 and under. 13 and over.



(Colored Pencil, Paints, Collage, Sculpture, Melted Crayon, etc.,get creative and have fun! Check Pinterest, Google it, or, just create…there is no wrong way to make art.)



(Abstract, Realistic, Surreal…again, get creative and have fun!)

Size Limit:


(We know that if you’re working with a sculpture, or something not so two dimensional, this can be difficult. Try your best to keep it this size, or smaller…we want to be able to display everything!)


Drop off anytime BEFORE December 21st. All art will be displayed in our shop.

(We will be having an open house ((that you will hear more about soon)) from the 9th-12th–this is a GREAT time to drop it off, as there will be plenty of people around to see your work. The OFFICIAL deadline is the 21st though. It is a firm deadline since judging will be the next day.)


Your name, age, and contact info.

(We need this to figure out what category to put you in, and to we can contact you if you win.)


There will be four prizes for both age groups.

1st: $75 Gift Card for your choice of Main Floral OR Sweet River.

2nd: $50 Gift Card of your choice, MF or SR.

3rd: $25 Gift Card of your choice, MF or SR.

Honorable Mention: $15 Gift Card for your choice, MF or SR.

(So, eight prizes total. All are gift certificates to either Main Floral, or Sweet River–you get to choose.)

Winners Announced:

December 22nd.

(Gift Certificates will be available for pickup, in Main Floral, on the 22nd. And, yes, you may absolutely use them for Christmas gifts, save them for Valentine’s Day, or just hang on to them for now! All art will also be available for you to pick back up, anytime after this date–if you’d like it back.)

If you have other questions, let us know.

Check our Facebook page, randomly, for updates…

but for now…off to creating!

If you’re looking for some great deals on flowers and in-store products, along with the chance to enter contests, enjoy free treats, and getting some free ‘flower bucks’ from them…check out their Open House! The details are here (as well as on their event page):

Fullscreen capture 1212015 22645 PM

Since we’re right next door to Main Floral–you can always contact us if you have questions about any of this. We can just yell across the hall if we don’t know the answers. :)

Our next blog will get back to the candy! Don’t worry. :) (We have some super fun, new, Christmas treats, to share with you!)