Candy and the Playground { Anoka Family Things to Do }

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Don’t know if it’s a summer thing…don’t know if it’s the times we live in…don’t know if it’s the times we often wished we lived in–but, simple fun makes us happier than most anything these days. :) There’s something about being a little candy shop, in an old building, on historic, downtown, Main Street that also really gives us all those nostalgic feels. In the spirit of these thoughts, we thought we’d add on to our Summer Crafty Candy Series today (the other ides in this series are listed below), with something that brings you outside, instead of keeping you inside. There’s nothing too fancy about this project; and no materials, other than your walkin’ legs, are needed. Today’s idea…go on a mini, outdoors, adventure, and find the playground at the end. (Because swinging, in the summer, is perfect for any day, and any age. :))

Here’s how to get from our place, to the playground…  If you stand outside our front door, facing Main Street–go left, and head straight. From there, you’ll see the City Hall parking lot–go through it, and head down the stairs toward the river. You can explore over by the waterfall (there’s a tree stuck going over it currently), and walk down on the docks if you’d like. When you’re done exploring that historic, logging, area–go under the art bridge. All the murals are painted by Young Artists of Anoka; it’s really a cool place to see! When you get out from under the bridge (it goes under the street), you’ll come out right along the river again. (You can see old ruins if you look to the right.) Now, all you need to do is follow the trail until you see the playground! As you’re walking, you’ll see another bridge, that goes over the river–that one is kinda fun to explore too; the view is beautiful! By the playground, there are picnic tables and grills–it’s a great place to pack a lunch to eat–or, enjoy any treats you may have grabbed from our shop. Sometimes, there are ducks hanging out in this area too–especially toward the Fall. If you have some oatmeal, grapes, or corn, you can always bring that to feed the them with; they love it. :) We put together a video to show you just where to go…

It’s simple fun. It’s a walk from a little candy shop, to a little playground. It’s seeing new things, and different things. It’s going up, down, around, over and under. It’s reading the historic signs, and saying hi to others you might see walking by. Nothing flashy, nothing fancy…just a day in a little town, making some new memories!

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