Well, we got to thinkin’ and we came up with an idea.  We watch time, and time again, our neighbor store here in Anoka, Main Floral, create, and deliver, GORGEOUS bouquets, and baskets, of flowers to lucky people everyday.  We thought it could be fun to come up with our OWN basket and, since we specialize in candy, we knew exactly what to do!  Sweet River is now creating, and delivering, our own baskets of fun, nostalgic, candy to you!  (With a little help from the folks at Main Floral, that is ;) )

We are now offering three, different, baskets of candy, at three, separate, price points.  (It’s like Easter, but anyday, for anyone!)

The first basket is the Charlie Bucket Basket.  This basket has all the fun, old, stuff and is perfect for any occasion.  (These pictures purely denote what’s actually in the basket.  The real thing is much prettier, and much, less, square.)  Click on the photo to go to the webpage.

Charlie Bucket Basket

The second basket the Golden Ticket Treasure Basket.  This basket contains much the same as The Charlie Bucket Basket, but also adds some other favorites such as: Mary Jane’s, Mint Melties, LaVie Hard Candies, Sixlets and more.  Click on the photo to go to the webpage.

The Golden Ticket Treasure

The third basket, Veruca Salt’s Stash is the largest basket and contains similar candies to the other two, but adds much more of a rich, chocolate, selection with the inclusion of Pamela Anne’s Fudge. It also contains several, full-sized, bags of candy for your recipient to save for later, or share!  Again, click on the photo to go to the webpage.

Veruca Salt's Stash

If you’re interested in ordering any of the baskets, you can do so right from the web page that the photo takes you to.  If you have questions about any of them feel free to email us, or call us–(763) 433-2568.   We’d love to help :)