We’ve been staying busy with our candy buffets lately, but we’ve also been seeing a lot of new faces around the candy shop lately–we’re thinking it must be the Anoka Halloween crowd that’s keeping us so busy in the shop.  So many of the stores on Main Street have their windows, and/or storefronts decorated for the season–it looks great downtown. (There’s a list of all the shops that are decorated on Discover Anoka’s Facebook page.) We take being the Halloween Capital of the World as seriously as one can take something like that.  Each weekend there seems to be at least one event going on–this weekend, it’s the Orange Tie Ball.  Tomorrow is family movie night.  There are parades starting as early as the 24th, and the big, grand, parade, is on the big day itself!  (Here’s a link to the calendar of events.)

Like we mentioned above, we’ve been busy with candy buffets lately.  We’ve had a couple of wedding ones this month that have been so fun to put together.  We love the buffets because we really get to order all the bulk, fun, stuff that we always want, but don’t always have a reason to buy.  (Kinda like when you see an amazing pair of heels…but, you don’t know why you’d need them, so you don’t buy them.  It’s a bit like that.  Though, not really exactly.)  Plus, we get to visit some of our favorite, local, treat shops to see what fun things they have in store for us to use.

The buffets we’ve done recently have been for weddings, but we will cater in candy any occasion. Maybe you would like us to set up a beautiful selection of pink, or blue, candy for a baby shower.  If you’re in charge of putting together the work Holiday party–we can cater in an amazing selection of treats that are sure to impress.  One time, we had an apartment manager bring us in on Halloween so his tenants would have a delicious surprise to come home to after work (pictured below)–we set up right in the lobby.  The bottom line, is that if you’re looking for a fun, unique, way to jazz up any event, we would love to help.

Check out our pricing guide here, but please contact us directly with any questions that you have.  We’re always happy to answer! Candy Buffet near Anoka

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