We just noticed our sister store, Main Floral, starting to prep all their flower stuff for Father’s Day, Graduation, and all those summer parties that you either host, or are invited to–and we decided it was time to do the same!  (They’re such a good example for us. :) )  It’s time to SUMMER UP here at Sweet River!  Obviously, we’re a GREAT place to come if you’re in need of having candy delivered, a unique gift, or treats for a road trip–but, did you know that we cater parties too?  Yup; we do!  We offer candy buffet’s that quickly turn into the centerpiece of any party and brings out the little kid in everyone.  (What is a candy buffet?  It’s exactly that–a buffet, FULL, of candy.  We cater in everything you need, make it look INCREDIBLE, leave scoopers and bags for your guests, and the rest does itself–ooh’s and ahh’s all around, from every age guest!)  Graduation parties, family reunion’s, baby showers, wedding parties, birthdays–we do it all and love it.  Here are some photos from a couple of our favorites.  The rainbow buffet is such an eye-catcher and is PERFECT for any occasion that could use a pop of color.  The Halloween one, well, we’re adding that in since we ARE the Halloween Capital of the World!  (An apartment manager had us cater that into the lobby of his building so when his tenants came home from work on Halloween–they were treated to treats.  How fun is that!?)

We make it so easy, and hassle free for you–just give us a call if you’re thinking your summer party would benefit from the addition of a candy buffet, we’d love to answer any questions you have and get you booked today!

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As we mentioned above–call us, or email us, with questions!  We love to help. :)  763.433.2568 or CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL.