Hey, September!  Welcome :)  We’ve recently gotten over our mourning of another summer gone and have now, instead, decided to embrace Autumn in all of its leaf changing, chilly weather and blustery glory.  After all, Fall is pretty welcomed around here since, you know…Anoka IS the Halloween Capital of the World and all :)  (Find Halloween events, HERE.)  Anyway, as we sit here, writing this blog we find ourselves munching on a favorite, fall, candy.  It’s the one you either love, or hate…candy corn.  This blog is gonna be full of candy corn trivia, recipes, crafts and links–so, grab a handful and let’s go!  (And…for all you haters out there…you can just skip to the crafts at the bottom.  We’ll keep the recipes to ourselves.  :) )

Some kernels of candy corn trivia:

Candy corn is another oldie of a candy.  (We love our oldies around here :) )  It was invented in the 1880’s and, believe it or not, is still made using the same recipe.  The exact person who invented it isn’t really, fully, known.  However, it is known that the Wunderle Candy Company was the first to start selling it and the Goelitz Confectionery Company was the first to really bring it to the masses and sell it in bulk in 1889.  (Fun fact:  The Goelitz Confectionery Company is now Jelly Belly!  Before Jelly Belly got really famous for their incredible jelly beans–they were just as famous for their candy corn.  So, if you’re looking to try the ‘original’ give them a try this Fall.)

Each year, anywhere from 9-15 billion kernels of candy corns are sold.  We wonder if all of those get eaten or if they’re just around for decoration?  (They do make great decorations :) )  Candy corn is one of the ‘healthier’ candies out there–especially during this time of year.  Roughly 30 of those little buggers, or, a healthy handful, weighs in around 140 calories.  (Which for us is nice.  We like snacking :) )

And, the last bit of candy corn trivia we have for you today…did you know that a candy corn factory was behind one of the greatest, candy-related fires, of all time?  Yup!  Some worker, in the year 1950, managed to start a fire while making a batch of candy corn RIGHT before Halloween.  That fire burned down the entire block long building and destroyed 2,000 pounds of candy corn stock.  Obviously, other companies rushed in to meet demand while selling a ton of product and that worker probably got fired.  (Check out a great article about the fire HERE.)


Candy Corn Concoctions (Aka: recipes):

We have to say that our FAVORITE way to eat candy corn is by, simply, mixing it up in a bowl with peanuts.  The contrasting textures and that salty/sweet combo are just perfect.  (Unfortunately, this is also the start of all of our holiday weight gain each year…)  Have you ever had a Pearson’s Nut Roll?  It’s very similar to that flavor.

Here are a few other recipes that are a perfect way to use some candy corn this fall:

Candy Corn Bark  (Both delicious AND cute enough to bring to a Halloween/Fall party.  Plus, it’s easy.  We love easy.)

Chocolate Chip, Candy Corn Cookies  (Basically…chocolate chip cookies with candy corns on top.  We never would have thought to do that on our own though.  Add Halloween colored chocolate chips instead and you have another festive treat!)

Candy Corn Cake  (This one doesn’t really use candy corns but it looks like one and that’s enough for us.  How fun would this be for a fall birthday?)

Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats  (Again…no real candy corns were used.  But, these are adorable so they get added to this list :) )

Candy Corn Popcorn Crunch  (Something tells us you could destroy this recipe and it would still be fantastic.)

Candy Corn Crunch Mix  (This is perfect for little munchers!  Oh…and big munchers.  Like us.)

Candy Corn, Pretzel Fudge  (That salty/sweet combo gets us EVERY. TIME.)

Candy Corn Cocktail  (Easiest cocktail recipe ever.  Dip the rim of your glass in Pop Rocks and garnish with candy corn to create an all-around, Halloween drink.)


Corny Crafts:

Candy Corn Hands   (These are great for a kids craft at Halloween parties, or for ‘treat bags’ at an October Birthday Party.)

Candy Corn Wreath  (This would be the perfect craft for those who don’t like candy corn :) )

Decorating with Candy Corn  (There’s another, smaller, wreath idea here too.)

Candy Corn Star Burst  (Okay…this one has ‘patience’ as one of the things listed that you will need.  We don’t have that, so, we’re out.  HOWEVER…if you’re looking for a unique decoration and, well, have that little thing called patience–go for it!  These would look super cute hanging, too.)

Candy Corn Photo Frame  (Grab a wooden from for a buck at Michael’s and go to town!  This site also has links to other kid-friendly, candy corn, crafts.)


What do you think?  Have any fun ones to add to this list?  If so, let us know and we’ll throw them on!  In the meantime…grab a sweater for the upcoming weather, and a handful of candy corns and…welcome to Fall :)