This could be one of our most controversial posts ever; but, we need to talk about it. Here goes…we love candy corn.* We love everything about it. The smell, the texture, the taste, the colors–it’s the perfect Fall/Halloween treat. (*Not everyone at Sweet River Candy feels this way…only one person can write this blog though. Hah!) We know this is a hot topic this time of year and that the candy corn hate is a real thing–but, we’re dedicating this blog to the treat anyway (mostly ‘cuz we love it). We thought we’d share our {current} three favorite recipes and three favorite crafts; plus, we’re gonna throw a couple links to some candy corn facts and trivia–ya know, just for fun.

So…without further ado, here are our three, favorite, candy corn recipes…

There no link for this one because it’s not a real, REAL, recipe. It is, however, our favorite way to eat candy corn, ever.

You need candy corn and you need peanuts.

Mix them in a bowl.


Before you know it, you’ll figure out what makes the best salty/sweet ratio. We, personally, like the 1:3 ratio. One candy corn, to three peanuts. You’ll figure out your own ratio though. Also, on a side note, we noticed our local Target has an end cap strictly dedicated to this combo. Someone there is a genius.

Candy Corn and White Chocolate Blondies

Just a warning…this is on one of those blogs that the writer overloads with photos of the brownies from every, imaginable, angle–so it takes awhile to find the dumb recipe, but is seems worth it to us. We will post the recipe below for anyone who wants to bypass the lengthy load and search time over there… :)

Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs

Salty, sweet, awesome–AND, so simple that the kiddos can help out. These would even be fun to do with a group of kids at a Halloween party!

Bonus…Tukeys and Owls!

This one is just too cute, and awesome, to keep all to ourselves.

AND…here are a few of our favorite candy corn crafty ideas. (You don’t even have to like the stuff to have crafty fun with it.)


This project is totally for the kids! The little kids could just help glue (and munch on) the teeth–the big kids could cut their own monster shapes.  A family of these guys, on the wall, would be adorable.

A Yummy Centerpiece

We’ve also seen candy corn placed in a glass bowl, and a candle wedged a bit into it–simple, and cute!

Candy Corn Picture Frames

This one could be done really nicely by you and used as Halloween home decor; or, you could let the kids do it and not care how it looks. Michaels usually has wooden frames for right around a dollar that would work perfectly for this.

AND…you know you wanna amaze your friends, family, and coworkers with some things they never knew about candy corn!?

Go here for some great facts

Or…here’s a few random, strange, facts about the cute little candies

If you give any of these a shot, or know of another idea we should add…let us know!

Here is the blondie recipe, by the way…

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