I think the biggest question we have about Smith Brothers Throat Drops are whether you ate them when you were sick or whether you said you were ‘sick’ to be allowed to eat them? (I remember when we would eat them at school…we always felt like we were ‘getting away’ with something!  No candy in class, you say?  It’s okay–we’re sick. *cough*)  We hadn’t had these in years so we were thrilled to be able to stock them on our shelves–especially as spring allergy season closes in on us.  (You know, you might get ‘sick’ and you might really need those black licorice throat drops, and the wild cherry ones too-just in case, of course.)
I think it’s funny that as kids we never really knew anything about the Smith Brother’s company.  We just knew that the packaging made those two guys look old and we knew that they had probably been around for forever.  We figured our grandparents probably used the same throat drops as kids–but, that’s about all we ‘knew’.  As it turns out, our assumptions (based on the guys on the box) were pretty accurate.
The Smith Brother’s company started making their throat drops, and advertising them in 1852.  They bought the recipe from a peddler named Sly–who later regretted the deal greatly.  (All right, we don’t know, for sure, that he regretted the deal.  We can only imagine that he did.  We would have.)  Initially, the drops were only in the Black Licorice flavor and sold from candy jars in candy stores.  However, due to fear of imitators, the Smith Brothers started individually wrapping the drops and selling them in boxes with their faces stamped on them.  (What a great logo idea–your face!)  It took until the mid-40’s for the Wild Cherry flavor to be introduced; and, now-a-days, the throat drops are still being produced right here in the Midwest–Chicago, to be exact.
Anyway.  We carry them here, in store!  So, stop on in and grab some for you–or to pass on down the tradition to your kids!
Smith Brothers