Hello! And, welcome to Sweet River’s blog–we like to consider ourselves the best candy store blog in Minnesota. (We’re actually not sure of any other candy store blog in the state–so, there’s that.) ((Also, maybe we should do a little research on this one.)) Our sister store, Main Floral, just posted a blog with a virtual tour of their flower shop, so we decided to do the same thing!

With Fall coming up, and Halloween right around the corner, this little, Anoka, candy shop gets busy. If you haven’t been by, and will be in town this Fall (or even during the Summer still), or are just curious about what we actually look like in here…here you go! Keep in mind, our selection changes often–so, if you see something in the video that you decide you need–you might want to give us a call ahead of time. (Or, just stop in. If it’s not here, just try something new. Or, old. Depending on your mood. :) )



(Edit: Okay. For the last five minutes, we just did a semi-extensive Google search–we’re gonna stand by the claim that we may be the only candy store blog in the state. And, definitely the only one that routinely updates. :) So, our claim to fame stands; best candy store blog in the state!)