We thought we’d have a little chocolate coin fun with today’s blog!  We had an Anoka mom in the candy store the other day asking if we could order, for her, the coins in bulk; she needed them for her child’s upcoming, Jake and the Never Land Pirates birthday party.  (She was debating between that, and having us put together a candy buffet for the party!  Either way, lucky kid. :) )  We got to thinkin’…chocolate coins are SO versatile–they’re perfect as a treat, in party favors, as decorations, and for crafty projects–they’ve got to be one of our favorite products.  That’s why we thought we’d dedicate today’s blog to them.  We’ll include a few ideas for using them here; however, if you have other ideas, please let us know.  We always love to hear from you!  (Oh, and by the way, we can, of course, order anything that you may need, in bulk–you just have to contact us a couple weeks before you need your candy. :) )

Like we mentioned above…chocolate coins, and princess and/or pirate-themed birthday parties pretty much go hand-in-hand.  Here’s a few of our favorite party ideas:  (All the links here, are to photos on Pinterest.  We didn’t check out the actual websites, in most cases.  We decided that the photo is probably all you really need to find inspiration–these aren’t the most complicated ideas out there. ;) )

Fill up a treasure chest with them and let the kids take some treasure home.

Take home, goody Bags.

Make the kids work with this Buried treasure idea.

Here’s another treasure chest idea that would be awesome for a mermaid, or pirate, party.

A rainbow themed candy plate that is perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day–or, any day!

And, rainbow themed goody bags.


They’re perfect for a Hobbit, or Dragon-themed, party, too!

They’re wonderful to ‘hold’ stuff with.

Other ideas:

This would be adorable to give a teacher at the end of the year, along with a little bag of chocolates.

Giving little children a chocolate coin, for a job well done, might be much more exciting to them then an actual coin. :)

A mason jar, full of these, on a co-workers desk when they’re leaving for a new job, celebrating a birthday, or after receiving a promotion is a sweet way to let them know you wish them the best of luck.

Maybe the Tooth Fairy would like to leave a couple under the pillow?

Hide them, around the house, on a rainy day and have a scavenger hunt.

Fill up dad’s desk with them for Father’s Day.

OR…Use a big vase of them to help decorate at a Grad Party!

Or…just enjoy a fancy snack–all on your own! :)

Chocolate Coin Birthday Party Ideas