We just got in some cutesy baby shower and/or, birth treats!  We have both ‘It’s a Boy’ and ‘It’s a Girl’ chocolates here.  They are completely unique, and adorable in any gift bag, as a pregnancy announcement photo prop or even for a gender reveal party!    It was only when we started unpacking some of these goodies that we got to thinking about just WHY, in the world, cigars are a traditional thing for when babies are born.  What is it about a birth that makes men want to smoke a cigar?  Obviously, we didn’t always know that cigars were bad for you–but, even when we didn’t know, why was it a thing?  Is it still a thing? So…we did what all people with deep questions about trivial things do, we took to Google and found a few answers to the question of the day!

We found out there there are, actually, several reasons cigars became popular for men, both during AND after the babies birth. Here’s what we discovered:

-Some folks claim this tradition goes WAY back to Native Americans who exchanged gifts to celebrate the birth of a child.  Tobacco was a prized possession, so, a cigar was a wonderful gift to both give, and receive.  

-Others say the tradition originated many years ago when women delivered babies in their home, along with the help of the other women, and a midwife (or, perhaps, a Doctor).  The men would, often, have to sit, and wait for hours, for the baby to be born.  To help the time go by, and to bond with the husbands of the other women, cigars would be brought out, and passed around.  

-As time marched on, and women went to hospitals to give birth, the tradition continued in the waiting rooms.  (As men weren’t, usually, allowed in the birth room.)  Cigars were a symbol of manhood and were also a way to relax.  (By the way…it’s really hard to remember a time when you could smoke indoors, especially in a hospital, but there really was a time! :) )

-Also, cigars were a way to let others know that your baby was born.  As men went back to work they would hand out cigars to other employees and even to their clients.  This usually took place in the week after the little one was born. 

As cigars are making a bit of a comeback these days, we expect this old tradition will carry on and, perhaps, even see a boom.  (If it hasn’t already.)  If you’re not into the actual cigar though–we got you covered!  We carry boxes of chocolate cigars that are the perfect way to celebrate a birth!  We have cigars for both boys, and girls and can order larger quantities if you need more than what we have on hand.

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