Maybe it’s our longing for the warmer days of summertime during this brutal winter (or even just craving spring, for that matter), but we have found ourselves daydreaming about the Anoka County Fair, and Father Hennepin Days, and parades, and carnivals, and the State Fair and cotton candy!  Yes, even cotton candy.  (Did you know we carry it, by the way?)

Did you also know that cotton candy was invented by a dentist and his candy making friend?  (Yeah. We scratched our head about that one too.  Our guess is that he was trying to drum up business–in fact, that seems like a pretty incredible idea, actually.)  Anyway, it was invented near the turn of the twentieth century and debuted to the general masses at the 1904 Worlds Fair.  Each box was sold for 25 cents, which was quite expensive–nearly six dollars a box in today’s currency.  The pair of candy makers grossed over 17 thousand dollars during the fair (over 400,000 dollars by today’s standards) by selling nearly 69,000 boxes.  Considering the average, yearly, income back then was between two and four hundred dollars–we think they made out pretty good!

If you’re craving some cotton candy, be sure to stop in and grab a pail of it–you don’t even need to wait until the summertime fairs to get a taste of summer fun!  (And, we’ll only charge ya a buck fifty for it :) )


We love the blue, she loves the yellow--what color are you!?

We love the blue, she loves the yellow–what color are you!?