Happy mid-July!  Today, we thought we’d share a little of what we’ve been hearing around the shop recently.  With kids on summer vacation, road trippin’ families, and downtown Anoka festivals, we’ve been hearing a lot of random conversations, had a ton of new customers, and a bunch of different questions, and comments, lately.  We’re taking today’s blog as an opportunity to pass a little of what we hear behind the candy store counter, on to you.  :)  We thought you might enjoy it; we’re entertained by it all, at least.

Our most asked/answered questions, as of late…

Q: Wait?  So?  Do you, like, make candy here?

A: Nope, we don’t.  We leave that to the candy makers of the world.  Our job, is to sell their awesomeness to you.  We love finding things that look amazing and bringing them to you.  We also LOVE Minnesota candy makers, so you’ll find plenty of locally made treats around the shop.

Q: Are you connected to the flower shop?  Does the same person own both places?

A: We are (and yes, you can cut behind the register to get over there). Main Floral was born about 25 years ago–we like to think of ourselves as their little sister.  And yes, we have the same owners.

Q: When did you get these in? *points at bag of candy*  We were just in here last week and didn’t see them.

A: We get new stuff in at least twice a month.  Sometimes, more.

Q: Are these the gross jelly beans?

A: Depends on if you get a gross one!  Jelly Belly’s, Bean Boozled, Jelly Bean game is super fun and a huge seller for us!  (Those are the jelly beans where each of the gross ones, has a matching good one–so, you don’t know if you’re eating skunk flavored, or black licorice–until it’s too late. ;) )

Q: When did you guys open up, and, what are your hours?

A: December of 2013; and Monday-Friday, from 8-5 and Saturday, from 9-4.  Sunday, we’re closed.

Q: Do you sell ice cream here?

A: No.  But, Two Scoops is about a block away and they definitely do!  If you’re craving ice cream, we suggest finding a treat at Sweet River, for later–and then heading down to the ice cream place for a right away treat!

Q: Do you have a bathroom we can use?

A: Yes.  If you ask nicely. :) (We weren’t going to throw this question in initially–but, what the heck.  We get asked it almost everyday.)

Overheard recently:

“I haven’t seen these in YEARS. I didn’t even know they still made ’em.”

“You guys don’t have the stuff we see everyday in the checkout line; that’s for sure.”

“This isn’t what I expected–you guys are so tiny.  Wait.  Oh my gosh.  I forgot all about these!”  *picks up favorite candy*

“Your flooring is so cool!”  (It came from Redmann’s–right down Main Street, btw.)

“You HAVE to try these!  *hands friend a bag of candy*  They are the best!”

“I’ve never seen these before!  I can’t wait to try them.”

“It smells so good in here–kinda like flowers and chocolate.”

“This place is so cute!”

“Woah.  Your door is hard to open.”  (Eh.  Again, we weren’t going to throw this in–but we hear it often.  Yes.  Our door is heavy.  It helps to keep the hot air out, which helps to keep our chocolate from melting!)

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