We were just next door, chatting with our friends in our favorite flower shop about how busy they get with delivery during Mother’s Day week and how they’re already getting ready for it all.  It was in this conversation that we realized that Mother’s Day is in just over a week, holy cow.  (Does it seem early this year?  It does to us.)  Needless to say, we got to ordering some new stuff; new chocolates, gifts, and candies are comin’ right up!  Did you know that we deliver, too?  We have a couple different options that you can try out.  The first option is ordering, and sending, a box of chocolates.  (You can pair it with flowers, too, if you want.)  The other option is ordering a candy collection to send.  (Again, this could be paired with flowers!  We love flowers–can ya tell!?)  If you’re looking to do something a bit more hands-on for mom, we collected some of our favorite candy themed, craft projects for you, or the kids, to put together and give!  Check out this fun list and let us know if there’s anything else we should add.  Also, if you do any of these–snap a pic, we’d love to see!

 Okay.  We had to share this one with Main Floral too–but, how cute would these be placed on the desk of a co-worker, or put out for mom to see in the morning!?  If you have the little ones help, it’s a great project to work on that hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Also, these are pictured with Starburst–but, individually wrapped chocolates, taffy’s, Tootsie Rolls, etc., would be adorable too.  We have a spot in the store that is full of random candies that are 10/1.00–you could do a whole bunch of different flowers for only a few dollars!  

Flowers to Eat!

We are lumping a few ideas together here because they’re all a bit similar–yet still different.  Each of these links is to a site with a free, printable, label to use on Mom’s favorite candy bar(s).  We have an incredible selection of everyday, and obscure, candy bars around the shop that these labels would look great on.  We suggest that if you’re going this route–print a few of these off and bring them in!

Hershey Bar Wrappers

Happy Mother’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers

M&M’s Wrappers

Customizable Candy Bar Wrappers

These next two ideas are awesome because they are SO easy to change, based on what mom likes.  (Also, these make a great gift for anyone, anytime.)  These are similar, yet different–so, take a look at both to see what you like the best.  (Also, ignore the Valentine’s Day theme going in in the second one–just pretend it’s Mother’s Day!) 

Candy Bouquet One

Candy Bouquet Two

Another couple that are similar, and different.  Both of these are adorable, and they both have free printable’s with them.  The first one we think is the ‘sweet’ one, the second one is the ‘funny’ one.  (How fun would it be to hide a few of the second one around the house–in the laundry room, by the kitchen sink, in the car, etc.!?)  Either of these can be customized with whatever kind of candy mom, or a friend, loves the most.  

Jar Idea One

Jar Idea Two

So, what do ya think?  Fun ideas?  Did we inspire you!?  This weekend is Diva Days in Anoka, so it’s a great excuse to stop in and grab some candy for a fun project–or, just for yourself.  (There are sales, events, contests and prizes all around Main Street–make a day of it!)  If you’d just like to swing by and pick mom up a box of chocolates…here’s a couple new boxes that just arrived.  We’ll have more coming in soon!