Easter Candy Ideas { Candy Store in the Twin Cities }

Easter Bark
Easter Bark

Easter, every year, goes like this for us — Us: ‘Yay, the weather is getting warmer! Yay, the windows are open and the house feels clean! Yay, spring break! Yay, no more snow! Wait. OMGoodness. Easter is in five days!? WHAT!? How did this happen!? We are so behind!’ It goes from lollygagging around, to a frantic run in no time — you’d think we’d learn by now. Around the shop, we’re much more organized with it all — though, that’s mostly because we order our candy well ahead of time. (Speaking of which, we have some adorable, springy, boxes of chocolate in — as well as lots of basket filling treats!) We’re going to take today’s blog to share some of our favorite Easter candy ideas with you — as we do before every holiday. We have a couple craft ideas, and a couple recipes. We always try to make sure that they’re simple enough to make with minimal frustration, and we hope that they’re easy enough to include the kids with, if you want! As always, if you make anything and want to show it off, we’d love to see. You can post here, or over on our Facebook page.

We’ll start off with the crafty stuff…

Easter Basket Flowers 

These kinda bring Main Floral, and us, together — don’t they? We envision these being a thing over at Grandma’s house…but, mostly, they’d be cute anywhere. Or, they’d be cute to make FOR someone — a bouquet of these for mom? We think she’d love it.


Colorful Easter Terrarium

These would be a super cute centerpiece, or just as a decoration on a shelf. You can use exactly what’s on the list — or, you can get creative and use what you have on hand. The key to making it look great seems to be coordinating colors and varying heights.


Peeps Play Dough

So, we brought this one up last year too…and, have still yet to try it ourselves — though, we heard it’s fun. If you try it though…we’d love to hear your thoughts.


And…we’ll keep going with some of our quickest, best looking, recipes…

Easter Peeps Pretzel Rods

Okay. So, we’re huge pretzel rods fans. They’re super easy, you can use any little candies, and/or sprinkles, and they always go over well. These ones include Peeps — which is a great idea. Unless you don’t like Peeps. Then, it’s a terrible idea and you can just leave them off.


Robin Egg Fudge

Because Fudge is always a good thing. And, so is malt powder. This recipe combines them…so, it must be amazing.


Easter Chick Treats

We think these look easy enough…and, if you totally screw them up, they’re going to taste incredible either way. We don’t know why the person took the time to make the egg with a zig zag shape…we’d just dip and be done. ¬†Zig Zag is cute though…maybe we’re just lazy…?


Jelly Bean Popcorn

We envision a big bowl of this, right next to the ham — and, we envision ourselves filling up our plate full of this, with just a tiny sliver of ham next to it. Then, we picture immediate regret with our life decision as we finish our entire plate.


Easter Bunny Bark

Now, we’re made this one before and we threw a little bit of everything on top — as long as the colors coordinate, it looks good. This is a fancy looking recipe that is made so easily, and only takes a few minutes. It’s perfect.


We hope that you have a wonderful Easter — and, that you enjoy your long break. (If you’re lucky enough to have one.)


Easter Bark
Easter Bark