The calendar, and the weather guys, all keep tellin’ us it’s Spring–but, up here, in Anoka, Minnesota–it feels a bit more winter-like lately.  We had some snow this past weekend (though the South Metro got much more than us folks up here in the Northwest chunk of the Twin Cities), and we have some snowy/rainy stuff heading in as we type this blog.  We went from playing outside with tennis shoes on, to grabbing the mittens and boots again.  At least when you walk into Sweet River Candy Company–it feels a bit more like spring with what’s in stock lately.  (Check out the last photo on this blog.  It’s all the new stuff, as of last week.)  Don’t forget that we deliver candy, as well–so, even if the weather isn’t looking great for this Easter, just give us a call and we’ll do the running for you.

Since Easter is coming right up–and, it is jellybean season, we thought we’d dedicate this blog to those yummy little, egg-shaped, candies.  We’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite, and most festive, ideas, and recipes–all featuring, you guessed it, jelly beans.  Anyway, take a look at the links we’ve shared and, if you give any a try–we’d love to see a photo of it on our FB page.  (We only pick the simplest, best, ideas to pass on–so, we’re confident that anyone can find a project to be successful at.)


Jelly Bean Rice Krispy Treats:

A simple twist on a good, old, classic.  I don’t know about you, but Rice Krispie Bars are totally a holiday go-to recipe around our home.  They’re so easy to jazz up for any season/holiday.  For some reason though…we had never thought to add jelly beans.


Jelly Bean Bark:

So much more than just jelly beans could be added to this treat!  We have a GREAT selection of candies you can choose from!  (Or, wait until after Easter and use up some of that extra candy that the kids got–we did that with the photo of the bark, below.)


Cake Batter Jelly Bean Popcorn:

Holy smokes.  THIS looks incredible!  Plus, you could (like with the bark above), use up some extra Easter candy with this one.)


Jelly Bean Pizza:

Nope.  It’s not really a ‘real’ pizza…but, it’s somethin’–that’s for sure!  This website walks you through making the dough, and frosting, from scratch; however, buying cookie dough, and frosting, would be just as delicious if you’re looking for a quicker/simpler way to get this done.  (And, no one cares–it’s jelly bean pizza for goodness sake–and it’s for the kids.  Your hands are full enough; give yourself a break and still make a great memory!)


Jelly Bean Butterfly Treat Bags:

This is such a great one if you have the grand kids over, or for the little ones to bring to school/daycare.  This would also be perfect for any spring, birthday, party!


Chocolate Bird Nests:

These are so cute.  And, super easy.  (Which is what we love!)


Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies:

Another cute, and easy project to make the Easter table look a bit more festive!


Jelly Beans for Learning:

An easy, and fun, way to play–and learn–with the grandkids, or kids this Easter Season.  (And, a fun project to set up if you have Easter celebrations with the family coming up.)


For the Adults Only :) (Sorry kids–but you get ALL the rest):

We debated this one a bit…after all, we are a family-friendly candy store.  Then, we thought about who reads our blog, AND the who the majority of our customers and–and, guess what!?  They’re all adults.  So, we stopped debating, and decided to post.  (And, besides…us adults are usually the ones dealing with the extra jelly beans, and candy, after Easter–so, instead of sneak-eating it all–like every other year–we decided to share with you how to sneak-drink it all.  :) )


As always, give us a call if you’re looking for something specific this Easter–we still have time to look for ya!

Easter Bark

Easter Bark

Easter Candy on our Shelves!

Easter Candy on our Shelves!