Hello! We’re back with another fun candy blog today. :) If you have an preteen/teen, or grandchild (especially a girl), you’re probably hearing a lot about slime lately. In fact, your kitchen may have been turned into a slime studio recently with all the different recipes they’re trying. (The difficulties of finding white glue lately is actually kind of okay with us. ;) ) Anyway, today we thought we’d share a fun, edible, candy slime recipe with you. It just takes a couple ingredients and is easy enough to do with even the littlest of kids. This could even be a fun thing to do if you find yourself with a bunch of kids hanging around your house on Easter.


Here’s what you need:

A bunch of Starburst

A double Boiler (Or a heat safe bowl that you can put in a pan of shallow water.)

Cutting board (Or, something similar)

Cooking Spray

Powdered Sugar

Here’s what to do:

Add about a quarter of your Starburst to the top part of your double boiler, or to your bowl. Place the bowl of Starburst into the pan of water and heat on medium high, stirring constantly. Add more Starburst as the current ones start to melt. Keep melting, and stirring, until all of your candy is melted. Lightly spray your cutting board with cooking spray and sprinkle powdered sugar on it. Turn the Starburst out, onto the cutting board, and wait for them to cool to the touch. (Sugars take a bit to cool–so, be patient.) Once they are cool enough to work with, knead the the ‘dough’, on top of the powdered sugar. The more you add, the thicker it will get–so, just add what you need to make it workable. The ‘slime’ will stay slime-like for a couple of hours–and then get a bit too hard to play with. So, this is perfect for an afternoon of play, but that’s about it. (Again, Easter might be a fun time to try this!)

Here is the video where the recipe came from. (It’s perfect if you’re like us, and need visuals. :) )

If you try the recipe, let us know what you think–or, if you have any tips to pass along to others. :)