This candy blog is going to divert a little from our month of Halloween blogs–just long enough to show you all the new, September, treats around the shop!  We got in a bunch of new Abdallah Chocolates, new Jelly Belly’s, more sour stuff, Lolly’s (which had been requested by customers a few times), new Unicorn Pops (that aren’t as brightly colored as the regular ones), wax fangs and even some pumpkin seeds.  We also, once again, have candy sticks (aka: candy cigarettes) back in.  (Seriously…the draw to those things are huge!  We, actually, have a regular customer that will come in and buy 20 boxes at a time–if we didn’t know any better, we’d think they’re the real deal.  They are hard to find…maybe that’s just it?)  Anyway, one of our our next blogs is going to be all about candy buffets and catering.  Last year, we did a really cool Halloween buffet for an apartment complex–we set it up in the lobby of the building and folks, as they got home from work, were able to grab themselves a treat before heading to through the halls to their home, that was a super fun one.  We are, currently, working on a couple fall-themed, wedding buffets that are going to be phenomenal!  If you’re looking into a candy bar, for any occasion (baby shower, wedding shower or reception, birthday party, etc.), check out our pricing and services offered.  And, as always, give us a call if you have more questions.  We’re always so happy to answer!

Oh!  And, PS…we’re back to being open until 6 on the weeknights!