Every year, around this Minnesota State Fair and back-to-school (yuck, we know) time, we start to feel a bit torn.  We know that summer is great, and watching it end can be sad–BUT, we say, BRING ON FALL*!  (*Not all of us here at Sweet River may agree with this statement–but, I do.  And, I’m writing. :) )  Are you fair goers?  Have you seen the new foods that are going top be offered at the fair this year?  (We feel like there should be more candy–but, we’re also a bit biased.)  And the whole school thing; well, we don’t really talk about that too much in around the shop with many of our customers–not all of them want to admit it’s really going to have to happen.  They’re still happy to ride their bikes to us, spend the last of their allowance on their favorite treats, and then simply ride back home–we don’t speak of that which should not be spoken of yet.

Anyway, speaking of new fair foods–we thought we’d stay on this subject (kinda) and show you some of the new, fun, that finds we’ve brought into the shop lately!  It’s always fun looking for new things to bring to you.  Lately, we’ve brought in a nice mix of old, and new–so, without further ado, here are your latest, August 2015, new Sweet River Candy finds…

1)  Andy Capp’s Cheddar, BBQ and Hot Fries.  (An GREAT addition to all the sweet around here–salty!)

andy capp's fries

2) Fortune Bubble (Like a fortune cookie but chewier…unless your cookie is very, VERY, stale.)

fortune bubble

3) Candy Sticks (Yes.  We know them as candy cigarettes, too.  ‘Sticks’ seems more, uhm, 2015 though?  And, no, these aren’t really ‘new’ to the store–but, we had been out of stock for a bit.  One little girl bought 20 of them to put in the favors at her bday party–we don’t know what kind of party she was having but we kinda wanted to be there.  Bottom line, they go fast!)

candy cigarettes

4) 3 Color Coconut (Again, we have these in semi-frequently–it’s just been awhile.)

3 color coconut

5) Mini Rainbow Fruit Slices (A woman just came in and bought these to go on top of the lime cupcakes she was making–we think that sounds incredible!)

mini rainbow fruit slices

6) Old Fashioned Lemon Drops (Nothin’ but the old ingredients here…no high fructose corn syrup, and all five ingredients are things that we can actually pronounce.  It’s amazing how popular these are!)

old fashioned lemon drops

7) Smurf Gummies (Because, Smurfs.)

gummy smurf gummies

8) Rattle Snake Gummies (Because…well, we’re not sure.  They looked more fierce than plain old gummy worms.)

gummy rattle snakes

9) Hi-Chew (We typically have one, or two, flavors of these in lately.  We now have Cherry, Mango, Grape, AND Apple.)

hi chew

10) Wax Lips, Mustaches and Fangs (We made a joke on FB about the lips being the original Kylie Jenner lip challenge, but we’re pretty sure it was missed by many.  We thought it was HILARIOUS though–in fact, still laughing over here.)

wax lips original kylie jenner lip challenge