We hear a lot of random things around the candy shop, on a daily basis.  After all, our customers range dramatically in age and background.  We see little kids who are given two dollars to spend and can hardly see over the counter.  We see older kids with summer allowance money, looking for something cool to eat.  We see teenagers trying to impress a girl with stuffed animals and candy.  We see adults loading up on movie treats and we see grandparents looking for a fun surprise for the grand kids.  (Plus…we see LOTS of people just looking for a special piece of candy for themselves :) )

Despite all of our customer’s differences, we hear a few things over, and over, and over.

Here’s a bit of what we hear the most:

  • “I haven’t seen this in FOREVER!  I remember eating these as a kid!”  This statement makes us totally happy!  We love being able to bring up an old, childhood, memory.  If you ever have anything that you ate as a child, or are craving, and we don’t carry it–let us know!  We have a magnetic board, right by the cash register for this exact reason.  If you are looking for something, we write it down and we do our absolute best to find it for you.  We will always take your name and number and call you if we get it in.
  • “Is this part of the flower shop next door?”  Yes and, kind of, no.  Sweet River is owned, and ran, by the same owners as Main Floral.  It was their idea to open it.  It has a separate store front, but is connected in the back.  Many of Main Floral’s employee’s, also help at Sweet River.  The stores are VERY unique from each other, and Sweet River has a huge, individual, personality all of its own–but the two can also come together to be a wonderful, one-stop-shop, for all your gift needs.
  • “When did you open?”  December of 2013.   We’re still just a baby!
  • “Oh my gosh.  The flooring in here is so cool!  How did you do that?”  Well, truth be told…we didn’t.  It’s linoleum.  We found it, and fell in love with it, at Redmann’s–right down the street.
  • “Where did you find turquoise and bronze-colored ceiling tiles like those?”  Well, again, we didn’t.  They WERE white Styrofoam ones that we found online.  We all helped paint them with turquoise first, and then we brushed the raised parts with a bronze color.  That’s how they turned out.  One-of-a-kind, that’s for sure!
  • “Where did you find chandeliers in those colors?”   Once again…we didn’t.  We painted them :)

We feel like we’re forgetting to mention a few things…so, we may have to have a part two to this post in the future–but, for now, these are the big ones!  Also, if you read this, and you don’t know about any one of the things we mentioned, we’re not telling–stop in and check us out for yourself :)

AND, THANK YOU to everyone who came out for our Grand Opening this past weekend!  It was SUCH a wonderful day and we are so happy that we got to meet SO many new faces!  The store, at times, was so crowded that is was difficult to move around but you guys were all so patient and happy–thank you!  We hope to see you again, soon :)