Welcome to Halloween Blog Number Two in our Halloween Bloggin’ SeriesLike we said before, Anoka is the Halloween Capital of the World, and we’re Anoka’s favorite candy store; so, we take our duty to bring you the best of Halloween, and candy, very seriously.  Our last blog was all about the fudge–today’s is brought to you by Halloween Candy Party Crafts and DIY Projects.  We’ve compiled a collection of our favorite, simple, DIY candy craft ideas.  Some are great for the kids, and/or their school parties, others are perfect for your ‘at home’ get together, or even for at the office.  A few involve edibles, a few don’t–they’re all cute though, and easy enough for almost anyone!  (Well, maybe not a ghost…since they don’t have hands, or feet…)

Anyway, without further ado…here are our current, favorite, ideas for the season!

Super easy, super cute, and they make it look like you planned WAY ahead if you send these to school with your kiddo (when, in reality, you did these in bed, with a glass of wine and Netflix the night before their Halloween party–while snacking on all the candy that may look a little ‘shady’–you know, for the sake of the kids safety).


So, if you’re feeling crafty, and your preschooler can control themselves around candy corn (at least a little), this is a cute idea!


We’re positive that black, electrical, tape would be perfect for these, too.  (Also, we have tons of fun candy to fill your jars with…just sayin’.)


This one could be a craft, or a treat.  Or a creat–or, maybe a traft?  Either way; it’s cute; we’d eat it, and works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  (In case you’re running a bit behind this year.)


Well, this one isn’t, exactly, edible (unless you have a toddler, or puppy), but it’s still candy related–and, super easy!  In fact, so easy, we’re just posting the photo–we’re certain you can figure it out from there.


Another non-edible, but completely easy and adorable…


Because severed hands are always tasty, right?  These would be great filled with anything–Bertie Bott’s Jelly Belly Beans, Sixlets, Red Licorice…you name it–it’d work!


Well, apparently, our mom was the original Pinterest Queen–because, in 2nd grade, I had to make 28 of these for my Halloween party at school.  By the third one, I was bored–but, my friends thought they were the BEST–so, they were worth it.  Kinda.


If you do any of these…let us know!  Post a photo either here or on our Facebook page–we always love to see what you came up with. :)