The Holidays come fast, don’t they?  Every year we say we’re gonna get an early start, not procrastinate, hand make gifts, bake more, and give more.  And then every year, the same thing happens–we wait until the last minute, buy a buncha stuff, bake a few staples and wish we had thought ahead more.  Each year we also wish we had something special for the mailman, our children’s teacher and even the neighbors.  (Oh, and remembering hostess gifts would be nice too–even if it is just for Thanksgiving dinner at another family member’s home.  It takes a lot of cleaning and prep before guests come over–the hostess deserves a little something!)  ((Also, the above mentioned cleaning is why we like to go to other folks homes for the Holidays ;) ))

If you’re planning ahead, and looking for some fun, unique, gifts this year–don’t forget to think about us!  We have such great things in store–from Minnesota-made candies and chocolates, to retro treats, to a few new and trendy candies (think: Frozen Jelly Belly’s), and more!  Grab a couple boxes of Abdallah chocolates to use as hostess gifts (or even for a teacher), stock up on stocking stuffers, or put together a cute basket of stuff to stand as a gift, in itself!  We get new treats in all of the time, so check back often.  Also, if there’s something specific you’re looking for, that we don’t carry currently–let us know, we’ll do our best to find it and get it for you.

We also deliver candy baskets.  So, if you’re looking for a quick, thoughtful, gift to give to someone–this might be your answer!  Send them a basket of treats at work, or home–we’ll happily put it together, and deliver it too!

As always though, call us with any questions you might have–we are always so glad to help out!

Wouldn’t this collection be fun for a kid’s present!?

Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE!

We love this Frozen-themed, gift idea.