Guess what!?  We’re working on a new, super fun, candy idea for you!  It’s going to be boxy and yummy and just in time for summer birthday presents, baby shower gifts, and just any celebration, in general–but, that’s all we’re going to say.  How vague was that!?  It’s like when someone posts on Facebook, ‘OMG!  I’m super excited!” and then they don’t say another word about it–they’re jerks, and so are we. ;)  You’ll hear, and see, more about our latest project right here, on our blog, within the next couple weeks though.  We promise.  Right now, we’re busy selling, and delivering candy, for Administrative Professionals Day, as well as gearing up for Mother’s Day, plus; we’re busy looking for a few fun, new, candies to bring into the shop!  (Or, knowing us, maybe just more of our good ‘ol retro, and nostalgic candies. ;) )  Is there anything you want to see in the shop?  If there is–always let us know!  We’re super happy to look around for you.

As for right now though–we just keep getting sucked into these ‘How It’s Made’ videos.  It piques that same level of curiosity that we felt when Mr. Rogers would go to visit a factory to see how something was made.  (Remember the episode where he visited the crayon factory?  We’ll never forget that one.)  We thought we’d share a few of our favorite, and most relevant, how-it’s-made videos here today–since we just keep watching more.  (Might as well make is seem like we’re being productive, right!?  Plus…we’re learning something–so, that’s always good.)

This is the one that started our binge.  We carry premium, Minnesota made, Abdallah chocolates.  We don’t think they’re made quite like this–but, it was fun to watch, nonetheless:

Maybe you’re not a chocolate person and gummy candies get you–check out this How It’s Made video.

We have these in stock, currently–they’re always a kid-pleaser.  We were super curious how they imprinted, and wrapped them–now we know!  

And, lastly, we checked out jelly beans…we didn’t even have a guess as to how these were made.   We always have Jelly Belly items in stock but never really thought about how they were created.   WHY did anyone decide to make jellybeans in the first place!?  We’re glad they did…but, wow–this is a lot of work.

AND…just because we’re STILL thinking about those crayons from Mr. Rogers, here’s the original video :)  (Please excuse the captions.  We’re quite certain the person who posted this is about 12.  Though, we’re not sure.  The other versions of this we found were in German–so, caption version wins.)