Hello! We’re here today, enjoying the semi-cloudy, Anoka weather. We love summer and all–but, a little taste of Fall is nice from time-to-time, too. Today’s blog is being written with these upcoming, dog days of Summer, firmly in mind, though. Late August may seem like it’s all about the back-to-school stuff–but really, why waste these last days of warmth, and freedom, thinking about something that you’re going to be thinking about all Fall, and Winter, anyway? You still have time to learn something new, take a quickie road trip, have a sleepover (or two), hit the beach, paint something, make something, read something, and/or, simply, DO something. :)

We were recently talking with a customer about the movie and ice cream sundae night they were planning before school starts back up, and it sounded perfect to us. It got us to thinking about ice cream though–and, just how cool it would be to come into the shop and search out the perfect ice cream toppings right here, at Sweet River. (We think a visit to the candy shop on Main Street, and then a movie/sundae night, at home, in your pajamas, sounds like the best day ever.) Now, if you’re looking for an awesome ice cream cone–we will have to send you to Two Scoops, right down the road–if you’re looking for toppings for later though, we’re your place. :)

In absolutely no particular order, here are our top favorite, currently in shop, potential sundae toppings. (Though, you–or the kids–may find a LOT more than what we saw. It all depends on your tastes. :) )


Chick-O-Stick (Broken into pieces)

Chocolate Rocks

Salted Nut Roll (Chopped up)

Junior Mints (Maybe even frozen?)

Chocolate Cherries


Pop Rocks (No? That might be weird…?)

Milk Chocolate Non-Pareils

Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate Covered Pretzels (Broken into pieces)

Jelly Beans

PB Cups (Chopped up)

Caramel Chocolates (Chopped up)

After you decide on the toppings, all you have to do next is figure out what type of ice cream to put them on. Chocolate? Strawberry? Classic Vanilla? (There’s usually no wrong choice here…) If you do get creative with your ice cream toppings and want to shoot us a photo of it, we always love to see what you’re up to. Send us an email, share on FB, or tag us on Instagram!

OR, if you’re not into the ice cream thing so much…you could always just come on in and grab a Rocky Road candy bar. They’re awesome–minus the ice cream!