Hello! It seems like a while since we’ve written one of these blogs–we’ve been busy writing about other stuff though. (Like candy heart crafts and the history of Valentine’s Day. :) ) But, today, we thought we should share with you a few of the candies that have graced our shelves lately–especially since we just got a couple new ones in yesterday. We switch stuff out often around here–so, if you stopped in last month, stop in again next month to see what different things we have on our shelves. We also should mention that we have wonderful, premium, boxes of Abdallah chocolates that are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting–we’ll picture those in one of our next blogs. :)

Anyway…for now…here ya go! Our favorite, new/retro, finds. Stop in this weekend and grab some treats–we’re open until 6 tonight, and from 9-5 tomorrow.

{ Tillburry Milk Chocolate Sticks }

These are right over by the candy cigarettes. (Which have, once again, been replenished. They go fast. :) )

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Haribo Gummy Dinosaurs }

So…is there anything Haribo hasn’t turned into gummies? We wonder what their brainstorming meetings sound like… “Well Frank, I vote we go with gumifying dino’s this month since we did frogs last month, and smurfs before that. Shelly, do you think we can secure some new molds? If we can’t find dino ones–then, let’s just make extra soda bottles or snakes.”) They all pretty much taste the same, and they’re all awesome–so, obviously, we love them and will continue to munch on them no matter what shape they’re in.

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape }

Bubble gum tape…why not!? There’s something great about the freedom that comes with choosing your own size piece of gum. We don’t understand it either…but, we like it.

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ GooGoo Cluster }

There are some days where as long as it has nuts in it, we can justify eating it as part of lunch. (Just so you know, this is one of those days.)

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Reed’s Hard Candies }

Root Beer, Butterscotch, Sour Lemon, Sour Cherry and Cinnamon–these are pretty great! They’re the perfect little treat to pop in your purse for when you’re stuck in traffic, to temporarily hush up the kiddo’s, or to get rid of the stale coffee flavor you’ve got going on in your mouth. (That might, or might not, be the case with us right now…)

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Fizzers }

Unlike its super boring, predecessor, bubble gum…Fizzers, fizz.

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Cow Pie }

Another lunch item…er…no. Not healthy. We meant to say, another great treat. These are made by our moo-ing neighbors to the East using their real dairy products and fresh pecans.

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Chuckles }

Pretty much a staple of our childhood…Chuckles. The black ones are our favorites.

Twin Cities Candy Store


{ Creepy Gummies }

These come in a four pack and are really good. Seriously. We mean, if you can get past the fact that they actually look pretty realish, that is. :) )

Twin Cities Candy Store


As always, if you’re ever looking for something specific–feel free to give us a call! We’ll do