Well, how did your Christmas go?  Ours was wonderful–but, we’re ready to clean it all up.  (We think it feels just as nice to put the decorations away, as it does to take them out :) )  In order to help us clean up a bit, we are running a half off sale.  You have to stop in this week (or, until the goods are gone), and check out our indoor sidewalk sale–50% of candy, treats, some merchandise and holiday gifts!  We need room to bring in some new candy :)  We did get a fun, new, oldie, delivered to us the other day that we hadn’t had before–it’s the Idaho Spud bar.  Have you heard of it?  What about tried it?  They are so unique and different that we instantly fell in love <3

Did you know that the Idaho Spud bar is one of the top-selling candy bars in the Northwest?  It was originally manufactured way back in 1918 and is still going strong today!  Despite the name, and shape, there is no, actual, potato involved in the making of this treat.  The outside is chocolate, with coconut sprinkled on it.  The inside is a soft, pillowy, mixture of chocolate and marshmallow.  Together–they make for both awesome taste AND texture!  Like many candy bars–this one can also be enjoyed either frozen, or thawed.  We think one of the funnest things about this candy bar is that it isn’t made with gelatin as an ingredient–the Idaho Candy Company decided to use agar-agar, instead.  (Agar-agar is derived from algae and was discovered in 1658.  It has since been used for many things–though currently, it is primarily used as a gelling agent in food.  It is a natural, non animal-derived, substitute for gelatin.  Just ask a Vegan about it.  They love it and will tell you all about it. :) )  Stop in and pick one of these up while they last!  You’ll try something both new, and old!