I don’t know HOW, but we failed to mention this on our last blog!  (You know, the one about our Thanksgiving hours and shopping locally this holiday season. :)  We were distracted.)  Anyway, we don’t know if you know this, but we don’t ONLY have an adorable, small town, shoppe to sell our favorite candies out of–but, we also deliver AND offer candy buffets wherever you need one.  Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings or any, special, event you can dream up–we can make dreamy.  (Like that?  It just came to us ;) )

On Halloween, we had a wonderful, apartment manager who decided that his tenants deserved to come home to a large table, FULL, of candies to choose from.  (Do you see why we call him wonderful!?)  As folks arrived home for the weekend they got to feel like a kid again, and grab a bag of treats to head to their home with and enjoy!  (All while kicking up their feet and relaxing.)  How fun is that!?  We worked with the manager to come up with a few ideas of treats that he wanted, and then filled in the rest with our own creativity.  It was so fun to work on, order for, and set up!

If you’re planning an event and think a Candy Buffet might be exactly what you need–give us a call, or shoot us an email!  We do them in all sizes and for all occasions and are always here if you simply have a question, or two.

(763) 433-2568

Or, email us from HERE.