Well, here we are on day one of the World Series, chompin’ away on our Big League Chew and thinking about how this stuff always made us feel so cool and  like we were in the big leagues when we were little.  (Despite the fact that catching a fly ball wasn’t even something we were capable of doing yet.)   Who are you rooting for this year?  Being from the midwest, we’re just going to go with cheering on the Royals.  Plus, the Giants have been in the series a lot lately…we cheered for them a few years ago.  (That’s how scientific we are about all of this.  We know, and LOVE, candy.  We just like baseball :) )  If you’re going to be watching the games at home, or with friends and/or family–stop in this week to grab some snacks!  We have some wonderful new caramels, many flavors of licorice and, of course, Big League Chew :)  (Along with hundreds of other things to choose from, too :) You can’t go wrong.)

As we were looking up the game start time for tonight (7:07, btw.  Why do they do that?  Why not just make it 7:00?)  We came across a list that was put together at the beginning of the season, chronically the ten most exciting new stadium foods from across the country.  Now, normally, when we come across a list like this we don’t blog about it–but, I don’t know if it’s the fact that we’re currently eating a wad of gum for lunch, or what–but this list, and some of these foods sound so incredible, we felt the need to share.

Here’s the list…the link to the site is below it:

  • B-Dat Dog, Arizona Diamondbacks:  An 18-inch, corn dog stuffed with bacon, cheese and jalapenos.
  • Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich, San Diego Padres: A custom made, ice cream sandwich made with fresh cookies, waffles or brownies.
  • Chesapeake Crab Roll, Baltimore Orioles: This is such a Maryland sounding meal…chilled crab salad with Bibb Lettuce on a fresh brioche roll.
  • Fan vs Food Burger, Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Four pound bacon cheeseburger with a pound of fries.  Wow.  You finish it off though?  You get two game tickets and a t-shirt!  (And a stomach ache.)
  • Poutine Dog, Detroit Tigers: Canada meets America in this hotdog covered in fries, brown gravy and cheese curds. 
  • Pork Chop Sandwich, Chicago White Sox: Pretty self-explanatory–this sandwich is a staple of Chicago.
  • The Choomongous, Texas Rangers: 24 inches of all-beef hot dog, topped with Asian-spiced beef, spicy slaw, and Sriracha.  This comes with a side of awful heartburn…
  • The Closer, Pittsburgh Pirates:  A quadruple-decker grilled cheese sandwich with nine types of cheese, candied bacon, and an apple compote.  
  • Mussels, Philadelphia Phillies:  Yes.  Mussels.  Those slimy things.  These ones are beer-steamed,  from Prince Edward Island with bacon and toast.
  • The Bacon Challenge, Cincinnati reds:  One pound of bacon with lettuce, tomato, and black pepper mayo on an “artisan” roll.   A platter comes with four sandwiches, potato chips, half-sour pickles, and potato salad.  If you finish this one within one inning, you get a tee shirt.  Not sure if that’s worth it…but, we’re sure people do it!

Here’s the link to the site we found this list on:


They have wonderful photos, better descriptions and several other foods listed there as well.

We’re open until 5 M-F and 6 on Sat.–so, stop in to grab some baseball treats!  (Sorry…no Poutine Dogs or Mussels here ;) )

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