*peeks out from under counter* Is it over yet?  Valentine’s Day just about wore us out completely!  We sold so many boxy of incredible chocolates to guys looking for a unique gift.  We had grandparents stop in to pick up old-fashioned candy for the grand kids, who were having a sleepover so mom and dad could go out.  (We wonder how the kids liked the Mary Jane’s and Mountain Taffy!?)  We had single ladies stop in and treat themselves to a gift and some snacks; and we had mommy/daughter dates come in to find something yummy, after having a tea party at the coffee shop, down the street.  It was really fun to see what so many folks were out doing on V-Day.  The flower shop next door was buzzin’ like crazy too; there was a steady stream of flowers being both picked up AND delivered all day long.  We are a bit happy it’s all over though…it’s like we can breath again. ;)

Anyway, now that we have some shelf space open again, we decided it was definitely time to bring in some fresh, new, treats for you!  We went a little jawbreaker crazy and people are loving it!  We brought back the super popular, Mega Bruiser (that we have yet to hear about anyone, actually, making it through).  And, we brought in a basket of Jawbreakers that are, each, the size of a small hand.  (Ironically, it’s the small hands that seem to love them the most. :) )  Did you know that it takes four days to make one, jawbreaker?  It does!  (Check out the video we posted, below the photos, to find out how they’re made.  It’s a really cool video that we gained a bunch of new knowledge from and will, someday, maybe, use to win a game of Trivia Crack with. ;) )

As always, send us an email, give us a call, or leave us a comment over on Facebook if there’s something new (or, old) you would like to see us carry.  We ALWAYS love to hear from you and you guys are full of the best suggestions.


Salt Water Taffy

HUGE Jawbreaker

Fizzing Gum

Butterscotch Smoothie

Tart n Tinys