Hello hot, summery, June, days. :) Summer vacation, around the candy shop, is so fun; we see so many new faces throughout the day. We were just talking with some out our youngest friends about summer plans and they brought up that they were going to have a lemonade stand this summer. We got to thinkin’ and we thought that we’d dedicate this blog to that, exact, topic…the good ‘ol, lemonade, stand. Now, we’re not experts on the lemonade business, since our days are spend in the world of candy–but, we have both ran, and supervised, lemonade stands in our past and we thought we’d take today to share what we’ve found works best. (We should also include that we’ve spent hours, upon hours, playing that lemonade stand game; so, maybe we are experts? Between that, and the Oregon Trail game, school was great. ;)  )

Anyway…here’s a list of our favorite tips, and tricks to help make your lemonade stand amazing.

-Parents…don’t do it all. We know it’s tempting to want to make a cute Pinterest-worthy sign, and stuff…but, don’t do it. Give your kids the supplies they need–and, let them take it from there. Their writing is cuter, their ideas are more organic, and their excitement is genuine. It’s okay if they fail a bit…it’s all about learning.

-Kids, your parents are not going to do it all. You need to make it your own! No one wants to buy lemonade from a stand your mom makes, anyway. Parents are there to help you when you ask…so, ask for help when you need it!

-Parents, you can help out by advertising your kids stand on social media, to your trusted friends and neighbors. (Kids, you can ask them to help out by putting it online!)

-Parents, also make sure your kids have change. They probably won’t know to ask about this…it’s an important tidbit though. And, make sure they have a place to keep their money.

-Set up in a busy spot. If one friend lives on a busy street…set up there. If you don’t have a busy spot to set up on…that’s okay too–just make a few signs to point people your direction.

-Lemonade looks extra refreshing if it has a fresh cut lemon, or strawberries, and lots of ice in it!

-Plan ahead! You can even make lemonade ice cubes to keep the lemonade cool–without watering it down…but, you gotta plan ahead.

-Rice Krispy Bars, bags of chips, granola bars, cookies, and candies also sell great! (Just don’t do things that can melt easy.) You can ask an adult to help make treats for your stand, or you can have an adult run to Costco for you–either way, make sure you charge a little more than what you paid; that way, you can make a little profit. If you do have multiple things for sale–it’s a great idea to make, and post, a price menu for people to look at. 

-Lots of colors on your sign, and stand, catch people as they drive by. Tape a couple balloons on your table, add a couple streamers, paint your sign like crazy and get noticed!

-Your stand is a great place to also collect donations for a cause you believe in. Love animals? Donate some of your proceeds to the humane society! You can keep a separate donation jar–or, just take a dime, or so, from each purchase and put it toward your cause. (You don’t have to do this…it’s just a thought.)

-If you’re saving up for something bigger, tell people! Write it on your sign, or verbally tell your customers. Adults love to help kids reach their goals! (Don’t be afraid to tell them about your goals either! You can make a sign, or tell people by mouth.)

-Bring a calculator if you’re nervous about your math skills. It’s okay. Adults have patience.

-Most lemonade stands use paper cups and napkins; so, make sure to have a trash can handy.

-On a more serious note…you’re doing business. Most people are amazingly good, yes. However, just remember…there is no need to give out personal information, even if asked by an adult. If someone here, at the candy shop, started asking us questions about where we lived, how old we were, what our name is, where we go to school, how to find us online, etc…we would think they’re a little odd, we wouldn’t answer their questions, and we may even call the police to report suspicious behavior. (And, we’re adults.) It’s okay to not answer questions that you don’t think your parents, or teachers, would want you to answer. No, normal, adult, would ever be sad about that. (In fact, they’d be proud of you for being safe. :) )

-Back to the lighter stuff…use manners! Pretend everyone you talk to are your grandparents. Manners make adults proud and happy, Proud and happy make them want to give more. :)

-If you can…wait for the hot days, or the busy times, and/or days, in your community, to set up shop. If your town has city wide garage sales, afternoon rush hour, baseball tournaments, or a carnival happening–those are wonderful times to set up.

-Don’t forget sunscreen, and snacks, and something to drink for yourself! If you’re going to be outside for a long time–the sun can burn you and you might get hungry and thirsty.

-If people are walking by–don’t be afraid to yell out to them. Ask them if they’d like a cup of lemonade, smile, and use manners. If they say no, that’s okay too! Just tell them that you hope they have a good day as they wander off. :)

-Waiting for customers is hard! Bring a book to read, a game to play, things to color, etc., for the boring times. 

-Lastly, have fun! If there’s something you don’t like about your stand, be creative and change it! It’s your business, your rules. :)

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