Hello! We are feeling behind with the whole blogging thing this holiday season–we just have so much going on, it’s hard to keep up with it all. (This is a good thing though–for sure!) Ya know, in the past, we used to be just a little candy shop. Since we moved in with Main Floral, and American Bistro, we’ve really started to become something more. We’re a part of a bigger community including both shops, and people. We’re not just a dark little candy store anymore. Now, we’re also the place that smells great because of the soup that Jen is cooking up, and because of the bread she’s baking. We’re now the little shop that is bright with the colors of the season, and filled with happy, cheerful, flowers. We’re full of the sounds of local diners conversing over lunch, and we’re ripe with the goofy conversations of the designers of Main Floral, as they work to fill all of their orders. And then there’s us–just an aisle, filled to the brim, with retro, and new, treats. We’re the aisle that the kids go to first, and the aisle that makes people stop and look for the longest time. We’re the place where you can find a beautiful box of gourmet chocolates for a gift, or the place your little one can pick ten candies for a dollar. We love who we are, and where we’re at these days.

So, with all that in mind, we are so excited to be be smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season! It feels so festive, and bright, around here. Between us, and Main Floral–we have been having a wonderful time finding, and bringing in new gifts, and products, that we just didn’t have the room for before. We have brought in new, local, artisans. We have found wonderful, easy-to-make, soup, bread, cocoa, cupcake and cookie mixes. We have a gorgeous collection of candles, ornaments, jewelry, home decor, and more. Every product we have in the shop we personally love. We have been able to grow, and expand, so much lately–and, we love it.

Do a quick scroll down below. We uploaded a bunch of pics of our favorite items–just so you can see a bit of what we have to offer (other than candy, of course :) ). There is still plenty of time to shop before Christmas–you just have to swing by! We’re here from 8-6 during the week, and from 9-5 on Saturday. (We are closed on Sunday.)