We are, along with every other store around here, gearing up for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!  (And, for that matter, all of the upcoming holiday shopping.)  Will you be out shopping on those days?  Will you be in Anoka?  If so, definitely stop in to see us–we would LOVE to see you!  Sweet River Candy Company is all decorated, and our shelves are stocked–so, come on over, even if it’s just for a quick treat to keep you energized.  (And, don’t forget that we also offer candy buffets and delivery throughout the holiday season–and, year round for that matter!)

Our last blog featured many of our latest, and favorite, Christmas candy finds.  We just got another new treat in for ya though–it’s our favorite peanut brittle ever…Bad Jack Brittle.  It is so, stinkin’ good–it’s actually, embarrassingly, easy devour an entire container of it like nothing.  (Not that we would know anything about that ;) )  It’s handcrafted right in Robinsdale by a husband and wife team who start the brittle making process in mid-summer and then work through the holidays.  This brittle season, they have already, hand-crafted, over 1,000 lbs of the holiday favorite–which is the most they’ve ever done.  (Can you even imagine making 1,000 pounds of anything!?  We have NO idea what that would even look like.  Other than yummy.  It would, definitely, look yummy.)  The husband/wife team behind Bad Jack Brittle are busy people–that’s for sure!  Do you know what’s even crazier?  They both work full time jobs, too!  We, absolutely, recommend supporting local folks and a small business by stopping in to pick up some of their peanut brittle.  (We’re positive you’ll love it, by the way :) )

Bad Jack Brittle at Sweet River