As Memorial Day approaches, I started thinking back when I was little.  Every, single, time we got in the car to take a road trip, up north, to the cabin, we made a candy stop before we left town.  My sister and I were each given a couple bucks and told to pick out whatever we wanted, as long as we didn’t spend more than we had.  Sometimes, I would get a king-sized bag of gummy candies, or a giant candy bar; other times, I’d stock up on a bunch of the little candies.  Either way, the long ride to the cabin became a bit more tolerable with something fun to snack on along the way.  (I think my Dad liked it too–when we finally got to the cabin, we were ready to RUN outside while he peacefully unpacked :) )


Anyway, we don’t know what your plans are for this Memorial Day weekend–but, if it does include a road trip, stop in with the kids sometime this week–or, right before you hit the road.  (Or mid-trip, depending on your route!)  We have so many fun, unique, candies around here and a couple bucks can go a really, long, way!  Your kids will remember it too and smile someday, down the road, when they think back :)


Oh.  And, P.S., we carry energy drinks too for road weary parents ;)