What is it about the combination of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate that just makes our taste buds happy?  Maybe it’s the taste, maybe it’s the texture or maybe it’s the happy childhood memories that usually come along with that combination; whatever it is, we love it.  Here at Sweet River, we carry MoonPie’s because of all of the above; every time we bite into one, that nostalgic flavor makes us smile :)  (We would carry S’mores too, but they tend to be a little messy and require a camp fire.)
MoonPies are made in Chattanooga, Tennessee and are a favorite Southern, treat.  (Though us Northern folk love ‘em too!)  They produce several flavors but the traditional, chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker combination has always been the most popular.  Apparently, the combination of RC Cola and a MoonPie is such a popular combination down South that there have even been songs written that reference it.  Despite that fact that we’ve never tried that, particular, combination–it sounds like a winner to us.  (We love ours with milk.  Maybe that’s a Midwest thing?)
Mobile, Alabama’s love of the MoonPie has actually been worked into their New Year’s tradition.  Since 2008, they’ve been raising a 12-foot tall MoonPie at midnight, in celebration of the new year.  In 2008, they also set the record for having the biggest MoonPie, ever, baked for them.  It weighed in at 55 pounds and contained 45,000 calories!  (Take THAT, Times Square Ball–AND, all of you with your New Year’s resolution’s to eat healthier.)  Both Bell Buckle and Newport, Tennessee hold annual Moonpie festivals and several towns across the South actually hold MoonPie eating contests.  (The record, you ask?  Well, that is held by a woman who ate 38 pies in eight minutes.)  MoonPie’s have also become traditional ‘throws’ during parades and even at Mardi Gras.  (I don’t know about you, but I would totally trade my mini Tootsie Rolls, and Dum Dum’s for a MoonPie, any day!)
I don’t know about you…but, suddenly we’re craving a MoonPie…


Mini MoonPie's make mouths happy!

Mini MoonPie’s make mouths happy!