Mother’s Day? Create a Basket! { Anoka Candy, Chocolate and Gifts }

Only eleven days until Mother’s Day is here.  (It sounds like a long time–but, we all know how we scramble the day before!)  This year, do something you haven’t done in a long time, MAKE her something!  We have so much fun, candy, that you can put together to create your own, unique, gift basket for her.  All you have to do is make the trip to downtown Anoka, and stop into our store.  (Diva Day’s is THIS weekend–what a perfect time to drop in!  There are so many fun things, and great deals, going on all over Anoka.)
Here’s a few of our favorite, Mother’s Day, ideas to get you thinking:
-Create an indulgence basket.  Stop into Sweet River and pick out some chocolate!  We have fudge, chocolate bars, boxes of assorted, unique, chocolates, and many more!  Add the chocolate to a basket with coffee, wine, or whatever else she likes to drink and then make sure she knows that she doesn’t have to share any of it–it’s ALL for her :)
-Energy in a jar!  We all know how busy mom’s are.  So, grab a big Mason jar, or likewise, and fill ‘er up with candy.  (No.  It may not be the most nutritious form of energy–but, after a long day, or before, it’s really nice to treat yourself to something fun.)  We have many candies, in store, that can be bought individually, and used to fill up your container.  With a bow, and a card, this is such a simple way to treat, and recognize your mom.
-Make her a fun, retro candy collection!  We have so many fun, retro, candies here, in store.  From candy dots, to Moon Pies, to Fruit Stripe Gum–we carry it.  If you paired the candy with a rustic, nostalgic, wall hanging for the kitchen, coffee mug, or mixing bowl–we bet she’d love it!  (Plus, with all the antique shops downtown Anoka–we feel like you could pull this off pretty easily.  Besides, who doesn’t like a fun, treasure hunt?)
-Make a movie basket for her!  We have so many fun, movie munchie, candies here–you can’t go wrong.  We have many flavors of licorice, plenty of unique, chewy candy as well as lots of individual pieces you can buy separately to create a bigger gift with.  Add her favorite movie, tv show collection or Netflix subscription code and you’re all set!  (Again…make sure she know’s she doesn’t have to share her candy!  Mom’s always have to share everything.)
These are just a few of the ideas we’ve come up with for this Mother’s Day!  Please let us know if you have questions, need help, or have your own ideas you’d like us to share; we love to hear from you!
Oh, and we know that many of you reading this are mom’s yourself–so, we suggest slyly sharing (like mom’s are so good at doing) this blog post with those close to you–you know, just in case they need a little help coming up with a good idea for you :)


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