Hello again! We’re just poppin’ in this Anoka afternoon to show off some of our latest, and favorite, candy finds! We brought back a couple of our retro favorites, like Moon Pies and Salt Water Taffy (we were excited to find a banana Moon Pie, as well as some super different flavors of taffy–maple/bacon, carrot cake, chili mango and chocolate caramel mocha) Plus, we also brought in a couple new (to us) things like Kinder, and Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bars, as well as Bounty Bars. We found some new twists on some kid favorites, too. We have Baby Bottle Pops 2-D Max (with the crunchy candy pieces on the bottom), we have ring pops–in jewel form, and we have Triple Power Push Pops. Take a look at some of our newest treats in the photos below–or, just stop in!

Also, we’re sure you probably caught this somewhere–but, just FYI, our summer hours are in full effect right now. (M-F 8-5, and Saturday 9-4; Sunday we’re still closed. :) )

Anyway, if you’re ever looking for something specific, or something you just haven’t seen in awhile. Let us know. We’re always happy to look for you, too!