Well…Halloween, in Anoka, is gone; and, with it, went a ton of our candy. There were so many folks in here during the parades and events–our candy just flew off the shelves into happy, little (and big) hands! It was fun to meet so many new people–that’s for sure. :) Since our shelves were so empty and we’re a glass half full sort of store–we took it as an opportunity to bring in a ton of new (and retro, but new to us) candy. Our shelves are back to being stuffed with goodies. Check out the pics of all the new stuff we brought in…and, as always, let us know if you have something you’re dying to see here–we love to try to find it! If you’re in town for Fabfest, tomorrow, stop on it–we can’t wait to meet you, too. :)

Jawbreakers…on a STICK. That’s kinda MN State Fair sounding, isn’t it? We still have the regular ones, but, we had been asked, several times, to find ones on a stick, too. So, we did!


Sick of stealing all the kids, basic, chocolate? We have fudge…PREMIUM fudge….adult fudge. (Okay, not really. We’ll just call it that to make it sound fancy though.)


Candy Buttons, always good…except when the paper sticks to a candy, and you don’t realize it, and you pop it in your mouth.


We’ve never had these in here before…though, since our candy cigarettes are SO popular…we though we’d try them out for a bit.


Astro Pop…the sucker that keep on suckin’. Hmmm…that didn’t sound quite right. We just meant that they last for forever.


A good, classic, hard candy that is always so good, and so simple.  (Do not refer to this as old people candy. We love it and, despite what our kids say, we’re not *that* old.)


Truffles that are only for one. Sorry kids…mommy doesn’t have to share these. :)


TartnTinys came, and then they went, and now they’re back…and, they’re just as sour, and awesome, as ever.


Moon Pies…always classic, always good. We did a big ‘ol blog about them here


Cherryhead, Lemonhead, Boston Baked Beans and little Jawbreakers…we have ’em all back. And, only a quarter a box.


Cherry, and chocolate…that combo just never gets old.


There was a time in our life when we bought these strictly for the tin…


A candy bar with Agar Agar…these are incredible! We blogged about them here.


Bottle Caps, because the Root Beer and Cola ones are so, stinkin’, good.


These are back in the shop and as good as ever. (If you like coconut, that is. If you don’t, well, you’re weird. ;) )


Nothin’ like a wall of lollipops. We remember one time, when we were about 12, we found a Strawberry Margarita one and felt like such an adult while eating it. The irony in that is pretty funny as we look back.

(*secretly thinks to oneself–‘this lollipop makes me look mature’.*)


We don’t know…square suckers? Really? Well…folks love ’em! We used to carry just the pink, and blue, ones–but, we went nuts and brought in the tie dye ones. They’re really pretty.


And…tins! Now you don’t have to suffer through the candy to get the tin! (If that’s really even possible.) These don’t have candy and are just for fun. We thought they were kinda cool!