Welcome to the first, of several, Halloween-related, blogs!  You might think we’re jumping the gun–but, we know what Halloween is all about here, in Anoka.  We don’t just celebrate on the 31st around these parts.  We have day and night parades, family events, a movie night, a silent auction and ball, a medallion hunt, bingo, pet costume contests, a pumpkin carving contest, bonfires and even a 5K run.  (Plus way more…we just had to quit listing them sometime.) We celebrate the entire MONTH of October, so, kicking off our month of Halloween Blogging, now, in the middle of September is actually us, running right on time.  (We’re shocked by that too.  Since we ARE Anoka’s favorite candy store and IN the Halloween Capital of the World–we figure it’s our duty.  Right? ;) Also, you can Google both of those things.  They’re official because the internet says so.)

Today’s blog, since it’s lunchtime, we’re dedicating to fudge.  (We just got a new shipment of fudge from Abdallah in–so, it’s fresh on our mind, too. :)  Also, we might just be eating some FOR lunch right now.)  We know that, so often, we only think of fudge around Christmas time; however, WE have collected some of the best sounding Halloween and Fall fudge recipes on the web.  (Well, there are probably others–but, we LOVE the ease of these ones.)  So, whether you want to make something fun, and unique, for a party, or with the kids, maybe for a gift, or a bake sale, or even just for some late night munching (or, apparently, lunch, in our case ;) )–check out these recipes…

Here’s a GREAT salty/sweet fudge.  (On a side note…have you mixed peanuts and candy corn in a bowl for snacking!?  If not…seriously, you have to.  It sounds weird–but, one handful and you fall in love.  Well, you’ll fall in love IF you like the way a salted nut roll tastes.)


Maybe you’re more of a white chocolate person…  (Also, we bet the Reese’s Pieces would work great in this too.)


Here’s another white chocolate one–yes, it says it’s a winter fudge, but, well, we see blood fudge.  Oh.  That sounds gross.  Let’s call it, uhm…Fantastically Frightening Fudge.  There.  Much better. :)


Apparently, according to all the best food blogs I follow–melting peanut butter and candy corn together tastes just like Butterfingers.  (Which is kinda like our suggestion of peanuts and candy corn above–but, not, exactly.) 


 Pretty much the same…but, chocolate dipped:


Because everything. must. be. pumpkin…this list wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin pie fudge, now would it?


Orange and black…perfect for both a decoration AND a treat!  You could add just about any, small, candy to the top of this–it doesn’t just HAVE to be candy corn.  (Because yes, we know how some of you folks feel about that stuff…you crazies.) 


And, last…but not least…Tootsie Roll Fudge.  This sounds just weird enough to be incredible.  Plus…the kids usually get lots of Tootsie Rolls while trick-or-treating–they wouldn’t miss a few.  (And, they’re usually found on the clearance rack after Halloween, too.)


We’re always finding delicious, candy, recipes–from everyday copy cat recipes to fun, seasonal, finds–following us on Pinterest will keep you in the loop of what we’re loving at the moment!