Happy Fourth of July week!  What are your Independence Day plans?  Are you heading to the cabin?  Going camping?  Trying a picnic?  Seeing fireworks?  Anoka is having their firework display on Thursday July, 3rd which means you can avoid the Friday night crowds and head out early!  (More info here.)  Whatever you decide to do–please be safe and have fun!   (And, stop in early and get some candy!)

We will be closed on July 4th, and 5th (reopening on the 7th), so our employees can be with their families and leave town, if they want, without work schedule conflicts.   Since we’ll be closed for a bit, we thought it would be the perfect time to mention the site, Old Time Candy.  (Because you never know when the craving for random candy will hit.  Granted, you can’t eat it right away–like you can when you shop here–but, at least, you’ll have a fun surprise to look forward too.  And, checking the mail will be fun again…like it was before the bills were in your name ;) )

There’s a link to the site right on our website–just look at the right hand column.  Click on it and be whisked away to an online world of candy, toys, party favors and gifts.  Even if you don’t want to buy, just browsing through the ‘Candy by Decade’ tab is super fun!  Some of our favorite candies are the oldest out there–like candy corn and caramel creams.  (Yup.  We love candy corn!)

As always though, if you have specific candy questions, or needs, please give us a call–we always love to help!

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