Thanksgiving is here in just about a week–there aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving candies out on the market, or on our shelves, but we still have all the favorite retro and nostalgic ones! (And some newbies, too. :) ) Are you hosting this year? Or, are you heading out, and letting someone else do all the hosting? Or, maybe you’re more of a turkey day free spirit like my mom–she, and her husband, get in the car, drive to a random truck stop in WI, and pay for a random truckers meal.  OR, maybe you appreciate the day for football and some quiet time. No matter how you mark the day–don’t forget we’re open on Wednesday for all of your candy needs. Also, our sister store, Main Floral, is busy crafting centerpieces from hand. If you need to order one, or just some fall-themed flowers, check out their website. If you go HERE, you’ll go right to their centerpiece page.

This blog is going to be geared a bit more toward the folks hosting, or wanting to help the host a bit. We thought we’d share a few of our, favorite, DIY, candy-themed, place marker ideas. We know that if you’re just with the family, it might seem a bit silly to ‘assign’ seating–but, the spots don’t have to be set in stone. In my family, we will put place cards out, with little treats, for the kids. They take their place marker from the counter, and then choose their own spot by placing it where they want to sit. That would work for the adults, too.

Anyway, here are a few simple, favorites, of ours…if you use any of them, let us know. We have items in shop, today, that would work with any of these ideas–as long as you’re willing to get a little creative! Also, we’d love to see what you came up with. You can post them right to us on Facebook. :)

Candy, filled, turkeys

Scroll down, to Tradition 2, on the page. This is a project that the kids could help with even! Any small candies would work–even individual Abdallah, gourmet, chocolates would work great.






Lollipop Tags

This one can be done in many, different, ways. You could use little, or big, suckers for this. You could stick the names on the ‘sucker’ part, or, you could do them more as pictured. You could use simple paper, or really crafty paper. Michael’s has adorable stickers in regular, and chalkboard, that would be perfect for on the plastic wrap. You could lay these down flat, or stick them up, and out, from something. The pictured table markers are the larger, round, suckers–but, we have lots of smaller ones, as well, that would be adorable.

Here is another method to adhere the name tags:


Name ‘Poppers’

We really love this one because it even gives you a chance to reuse! They use a lighter looking, crepe paper–though, we’re pretty sure that any regular, or tissue paper would work. Use fall colors and write your guests name right on the paper and stuff with any small candy–wrapped, or not.


Sewn Treat Pouch

These feel so old-fashioned to us! They will take a bit more work than the others–but, that might be the challenge you’re up for. You could stuff them with almost anything small–again, wrapped, or unwrapped.


Treat Tins

We have these adorable, empty, tins in store. All you have to do is fill them with a little treat, and attach a name. Easy!







Name Flags

This one has no picture–as all you need is a toothpick, and a name. You could craft your guests name on cutesy paper, or tape, or even use a sticker. Adhere the name to the toothpick (painted, or plane), and stick the toothpick through the plastic wrap. Easy and nummy. :)