When you were a kid, did you ever fear the deathly, and explosive, combination of Pop Rocks and Soda?  Do you remember when that was the most scary thing in life?  Did you ever think about how mad your mom would be at you if you were to die of something so ridiculous?  As it turns out, thankfully, you won’t explode when you combine the two, nor will they kill you.  (We discovered that, on a terrifying dare, when we were young.  As adults, we confirmed it with the show, Mythbusters.)  We really love to keep fun, nostalgic (and possibly scary), candy in the shop–including Pop Rocks!  (And, all right, we don’t carry too much scary stuff–unless you consider Tabasco flavored, Jelly Belly Beans and Bacon Gumballs scary.)

Speaking of Pop Rocks, did you know that they were developed by accident?  In 1956, chemist William Mitchell, was trying to create an ‘instant soda capsule’.  His goal was to try to trap carbon dioxide into small, candy, shells to create ‘instant soda’.  One day, he decided to ingest a few of the ‘shells’ he was working on.  (Why he would do that, we have no idea.)  The candy popped and fizzed in his mouth, and, despite it being ‘fun’ no one could think of a use for them–so, they put them on a shelf.  In 1975, nearly twenty years later, the candies were put on the market.  They became a huge hit, immediately; and, within eighteen months, had sold over 500 million packets!  To this day, they’re still the ‘hottest selling candy in history’!  (And all that from a mistake!  I think we need to start making more ‘mistakes’…)

Pop Rocks