Remember when the only way to connect with your favorite, local, merchants was AT the shop? And, the only way to see what new products were available and to receive store updates was to, physically, head into the shop, itself? And, the only way to find out our hours was to call us, and the only way to find our phone number was the phone book? Well, the times, they are a changin’, folks. Between our website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and our blog, you can keep up with us all over the place (plus, we get to talk your ear off about everything we’re excited about, all the time, this way)! Now, don’t get us wrong—we would PREFER if everyone just stopped in, every time they wanted to see what new, fun, products were on the shelves—but, it’s hard when life gets so busy and communication styles change. So, anyway, we thought we’d take today’s blog to link up to all the places we are, so you can connect with us in whatever way works best for you.

Here’s a quick overview of all our most important info, all in one nice, and tidy, place…

Our current hours are Monday through Friday, 8-5. Saturday we are open from 9-4 and Sunday we are closed. (Our hours will expand a bit in the fall—but, we’ll let you know when they do. :) )

Our phone number is (763) 433-2568. (You can call us here to order candy baskets, chat about candy buffets, or see if we can order your favorite treats–of we don’t already have them in!)  You can also contact us HERE if you’d prefer to reach out to us online.

Our website is:

If you want to check us out on Facebook for current updates, yummy pictures, and random ramblings, follow this link:

Our Pinterest page is here:

Our Instagram is here:

And, our Blog is here (it’s updated weekly and is full of everything from random trivia, to store updates, to recipes and candy reviews, to links of where else to find us):

So…next time you’re sittin’ around, browsing the web–reach out and connect to your favorite, local, candy shop!  (Or, not so local.  We have friends, and followers, from all over the states!)  We love to hear from you and get to know who you are. :)