Well, if you’ve been following the last few blogs–you might have noticed our growing, Pinterest, obsession :)  (Come follow us, if you haven’t already!)  Maybe it’s just the late summer boredom kicking in, but we are having a great time finding, and making, new, candy recipes at home, as well as passing them onto you!  (Or, maybe it’s the fact that it’s back-to-school time and we’re just looking for any new ideas to keep us busy :) )  Our last blog post gave you lots of ways to try Minnesota State Fair foods, right in your own home but, for this blog, we’d love to highlight a simple favorite that you can do with minimal ingredients and effort!

As the summer drags on, and the kids are starting to, almost, wish they were back at school (and as we’re definitely wishing for them to be back), we thought we’d share a great recipe for rock candy.  It combines a little bit of science, a little bit of cooking and a lot of yum.  Plus, it takes a bit of time and, some days, anything to kill a little time is a welcomed activity :)

We had started to write out the recipe here ourselves, but then we thought that we would just link up to this blog.  This woman spells the recipe out beautifully, plus, she includes lots of photos.  Click HERE to go to her blog.  (Bonus: at the bottom of her blog she has links to other science projects that look fun too!)  If you try the recipe–post a photo over on our Facebook for us to see!  Or, if you’re  just all of a sudden craving some rock candy–head into our store–we have it in stock for you!