Welcome to another candy review blog; it’s been awhile! I’d love to say it’s because I was on a strict diet that eliminated sugars, and that I was really religious with sticking to it…but, nope, not even close–it’s simply because I’ve had other things to write about for awhile. However, when we got in the new, Salted Caramel, Moon Pie, I knew I needed an excuse to eat one to put up a new, candy review, on our blog.

We’ve all tried the good ‘ol, chocolate moon pie, right? After all, it’s a classic. (Check out a twin cities, minnesota, candy shop, near anoka, blogpost we did on it a few years ago here.) It’s a simple candy…chocolate, grahams, marshmallow…not overly sweet yet, it always hits the spot. After all these years, we hadn’t tried them in any version other than the traditional–so, needless to say, when we saw it in Salted Caramel, we were all over it. (We’re thinking cherry would be a great flavor…as long as they cover it in the cherry stuff that Dairy Queen uses for their cherry dipped stuff. That stuff is incredible.) Anyway…here’s our breakdown of the Salted Caramel Moon Pie…

Packaging: These come in single serve, ‘patties’. The ones we have in are double decker ones. They’re, roughly, the size of a single, McDonald’s, hamburger. 

Color: The Salted Caramel Moon Pie is a beautiful, caramel, color–just a bit darker than the graham crackers it surrounds.

Look/Feel: These are smooth on the top, with peeks of the marshmallow around the sides. They’re light, and airy.twin cities, minnesota, candy shop, near anoka, blog

Texture: The outside is smooth. As soon as you bite into it, you hit a rougher texture–though, it’s not hard, or crispy, or anything–it’s just the graham crackers. The grahams aren’t crisp, like they are out of the box, they’re more the texture of a cracker that was dipped, briefly, in milk. (To this day, graham crackers, in milk, is a favorite treat of mine. :) ) 

Taste: Okay. This is where I was super excited to come here, and rant, and rave, about how amazing these are, how rich the flavors were, etc…but, well, I can’t quite do that. I think I wanted to like them more than I actually liked them. Now, I’m NOT saying these are bad, at all. They are quite good–the problem is though, that I’m a flavor, and texture, person…and, these kind of lacked both. The caramel on the outside didn’t really taste like caramel–it tasted more like a sweetish coating. (However, that was also the nice thing about these…they killed my sweet tooth, without feeling like they killed my teeth. They weren’t overly sweet–just sweet enough.) Now, I get salted caramel is a bit different than regular caramel, it’s a bit more of a complex taste that you either do right, or you don’t do right–and, these were somewhere in the middle.

The ingredients were also semi-disappointing…the first ingredient is enriched wheat flour, which is always nice to see–that’s not a typical first ingredient in any candy. (I even felt kinda healthy, for like a second.) However, the second ingredient? High fructose corn syrup…which, why? The original Moon Pie doesn’t contain it, they use real sugar–why did they need to change it for this one? Maybe it’s just a ‘me’ thing…as I’m not a fan of the stuff–but, it was a bit obnoxious to see on the label. I know it wouldn’t bug a whole bunch of people (most of my family, and friends, actually); but, it bugs me, and I’m writing this blog, so that’s all there is to it. :) (I’m not all hippy or anything…I’m more about just gimme the real stuff. Real sugar, real butter, real dairy, etc. Basically, if Grandma ate it, I will too.)

Beverage Pairing: I gotta go with classic, milk, with this one. For sure.

Overall Rating: ??/5 candies

If you stop in to try one…let us know what you think. Am I totally off? Do you agree? What am I missing in this review!? Let us know here, or over on our Facebook page–we love to hear from you!

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twin cities, minnesota, candy shop, near anoka, blog

twin cities, minnesota, candy shop, near anoka, blog