You guys! We just saw the report in USA Today¬†detailing America’s Halloween time spending and we’re shocked! I mean, sure, we’re a little store, in a little town–and, we’re a little old (just kiddin’; kinda)–but, this year, the average amount that each American shopper will spend is 82.93–and that just seems crazy to us. Add up all of that money and it brings us to a projected spending budget of a whopping grand total of 8.4 billion this year. On ONE holiday. (The scarier part is that there are seven holidays/annual events that consumers spend more on. They are: Father’s Day, Superbowl, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, back-to-school and, of course, Christmas.) Since we are smack dab in the middle of the Halloween Capital of the World–we get that Halloween is huge and all…but, 8.4 billion is just a witch ton of money.

In case you’re wondering, like we were, the breakdown of where the money goes is like this:

Costumes are where the bulk of the money is spent with 3.1 billion going toward props, wigs, clothing and masks.

After that, 2.5 billion is spent on candy. (We can’t argue this one. We totally understand. :) )

Then comes the greeting cards–all 390 million dollars worth.

(Kids definitely have this holiday good for them. Everything is given to them–all they have to do is go for a walk.)

Anyway, if you’re looking for Halloween events around town to attend this Halloween season…check out Anoka’s Halloween website. Most of them are free–or really inexpensive, so, you can spend your 82 bucks elsewhere this year. :)

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