We called it!  We knew the kids would end up with a ‘Cold Day’ off of school last week :)  Did you do anything fun?  Or, is it just more stress than anything?  It looks like the weather is gearing up for a nice, January thaw in the next few days.  We can’t wait to not waddle around like a penguin for a bit–30 degrees, above zero, is going to feel amazing!  By the way, do you know what else is amazing?  The fact that we are coming up on our second Valentines Day here at Sweet River Candy Company!  Last year, we made sure we were loaded up with LOTS of boxes of incredible chocolate, unique and delicious candies and sweet, little, gifts that anyone would love to get.  This year, of course, we’ll have all of those things–but now we also deliver!  (How cool is that?  All you have to do is shop online, or give us a call–we’ll bring treats right to your recipient!)

We offer a few different candy assortments for you to order.  One of them is a ‘color-themed’ package.  Maybe your recipient’s favorite color is red–we’ll work to put together a red-themed collection for them!  These collections are so fun because you get a great selection of chocolates, as well as other candies–some you may know well, others you may never have heard of.

The next collection we offer is a retro, or nostalgic, themed basket!  This is a perfect basket for anyone–kids, co-workers, clients, a significant other (male OR female), a teacher, a friend, etc.  It’s loaded with the old, favorites that we’ve all grown up loving!

The Golden Ticket Treasure

The other type of yumminess we deliver is so classic, and always perfect for any occasion.  (And, again, it’s another one that you can send to anyone!)  We have several, different, sized boxes of chocolates and candies that are a snap to order, and send.  You can pair them with other boxes, or packages, of candy; OR, you can pair them with flowers from our sister store, Main Floral.  We can, literally, be a one-stop-shop for anything–birthday, promotion, thank you, Valentine’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Day, etc.!