We’ve been so busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day; we’re stocking the shop with new gifts, bringing in new, fabulous, boxes of chocolates, and making certain that our candy delivery process is as smooth as ever!  It looks really lovey, and yummy, in here. :)  Are you planning to go out on Valentine’s day?  (It’s on a Saturday.)  Or, will you be staying in?  (Netflix and pizza–that’s sounds good to me!)  Or, are you a last-minute plan maker?  No matter what you’re going to do–don’t forget to stop in to pick up some sweets!  (A heart-shaped, box of chocolate, goes perfect with any pizza, trust us–plus, it makes it feel special. :) )  Or, we’ll deliver–all you have to do is give us a call to set it up.  (OR, you could head to our website.)

Do you remember our last blog post?  The one about the Necco, Conversation Hearts?  (If not, it’s HERE.)  We had to laugh because just a couple days after our post, we noticed that Good Housekeeping posted a video about the hearts over on YouTube!  (And, also since the post–we’ve eaten way toooo many of those little things.  We just started thinking about them, and couldn’t stop.)

Anyway, we’ll leave you with both the video, as well as a few photos of what new things we have in the shop with now!

As always–call us with any questions, or to place an order.

Valentine's Candy

Valentine's Day Candy

Boxes of Chocolate