Brace yourself…another ‘way back when’ story, along with a confession is coming in today’s blog.  I’ll start with the confession–since that’s the basis of the story.  Here it is: I hate sour candy.  Actually, I hate anything sour, period.  It tastes terrible to me.  Sour Patch Kids are kind of okay–since they get sweet pretty quick–but, I avoid them if at all possible.  Give me chocolates, licorice, taffy, hard candies, gum, cotton candy…ANYTHING other than sour.  Working here, at Sweet River Candy Company though–I know there are many, MANY folks out there who love the sour stuff–so, we carry it.  And, we carry lots of it!  (And, according to the folks that love the sour–we carry the good, super sour, stuff.)  Currently, we have in stock, what is believed to be the most sour candy in the world–Toxic Waste.  (We found that info through Google–apparently, there is some debate on this topic.  As with every other topic in the world.)

Here’s my story…you were warned.  :) My hatred of sour stuff has always been around.  I remember during summer vacation, when I was in elementary–my friends and I would do our chores, get our few dollars, walk to the corner store and, immediately, blow it all on candy.  It was during this time that sour stuff was all the rage.  I was completely content with my Hershey’s Bar or Twizzlers.  However, my friends thought my candy choices were lame and while laughing, and daring each other to try something more sour than last time–I kept getting left out.  Cry Baby Gum, Warheads and Sour Patch Kids–I knew what had to be done.  So, the next week–I spent my entire allowance on sour stuff so I could do the ‘dares’ too, and be included in their fun.  I remember popping a blue, Cry Baby, gumball in my mouth and thinking ‘Hey, this isn’t that bad!’.  I was so proud of myself for not hating it–and for not dying.  My friends called me wimpy though–since, apparently, in the ‘sour scene’ the blue is always the ‘least sour’.  From there, I popped a yellow Warhead hard candy into my mouth–you know, just to show them I could handle it.  It took about two seconds before I felt like I had been poisoned with this awful, pepper flavored, piece of death that had been masquerading as ‘candy’.  I was certain that this was one of those pieces of candy that had been poked with a poison needle by some crazy man–you know, like the horror stories you heard about on the news around Halloween.  It was at that moment that I knew I had to make the choice–spit it out and swallow my pride, or keep the candy in my mouth and try to hide the red face and tears.  After about ten more seconds of trying to make one of the hardest decisions of my childhood (all while being poisoned), I chose to spit it out.  That was one of the first times I just didn’t care about others thought of me.  After getting laughed at, one friend quietly traded me all her blue sour stuff in exchange for all my yellow sour stuff.  I took the rest of what I had home and gave it all to my sister.  I wasted a week’s worth of allowance, appeared to be being nice to my sister, and I was out some pride.  It was terrible.  And, it was also the the last time I tried anything more sour than a Sour Patch Kid.

Nowadays, I have my own child who likes to waste all of her money on candy–she, unlike me, loves the sour stuff though.  I never thought that I’d still be being teased about being a sour wimp–but, here I am, in 2015, still being laughed at about it.  (I’m much more confident in my hatred of the sour nowadays though.  :) )  If you’re looking for something sour for a birthday treat, a challenge or, just for fun–stop in!  We have plenty–and, I can promise you, I won’t be eating any of it.

In the meantime, check out this cute video of two little boys trying Toxic Waste–We fell in love with the fact that their sister did the soundtrack for their video, too :)  If you’re looking for more sour videos, just search ‘Sour Challenge’ on Youtube–it’s a big thing right now–apparently, all the cool kids are doing it.  (Except for me.  I won’t be doing it.  Then again, I never claimed to be cool in the first place. ;) )

Here’s some of the sourest stuff we have on hand–we’re always getting more in, so, check back often or give us a call to see what we have in stock.